How to Improve the Office Environment for Everyone

Whether you are heading back to the office after a long time working from home due to covid restrictions, moving to a new premises, or are about to take on your very first office, there are ways that you can make the office environment a more pleasant place for people to be. When people are happy at work, they tend to be more productive, and the atmosphere in the office will generally be better. So here are some ways that you can make the office environment a good one to be in…

Comfort is Key

When people are comfortable, they can focus on what they are doing much more easily. One of the obvious places to start when it comes to office comfort is with the seating. Office chairs are in constant use, and when you are spending a lot of time sitting down you will notice a chair that is not comfortable!

Make sure that you have chairs that are suitably supportive for the back and allow the person using it to adapt a good posture. Many people suffer with a bad back or neck due to poor seating in the office and this can affect work.

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Keep it Clean

Cleanliness in an office is now more important than ever – to stop the spread of Covid as well as other viruses and bacteria that can often run riot in an office such as norovirus and flu, keeping on top of cleaning is very important. Make sure that staff are able to practice good hand hygiene by providing plenty of hand washing facilities and hand sanitising stations. This is particularly important in places that are regularly touched such as near doors. As well as this it is a good idea to get a professional cleaning company such as this office cleaning Tewkesbury based company to come in and thoroughly clean the place regularly.

Be Organised

When laying out the office, pay attention to how the office will work, and what will make it the most efficient. Make sure that you have the right storage for your needs too – cupboards and filing cabinets for example. How the office is laid out and then organised is a key factor in improving the productivity and for the smooth and efficient running of the business, as it means that things can be easily accessed and there is less chance of things going missing.

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A Pleasant Environment

An environment that is pleasant will also mean that people will naturally be happier to be there. Things like plants can make an office much more pleasant to be in. Also consider the lighting in the office – getting a lot of light into the room is important as it will make people happier and improve energy levels, so use glass partitions and invest in some daylight lighting bulbs if the office does not get a lot of natural light, especially during the winter months.

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