Reasons to Get out and Walk in the Woodlands this Winter

Although it is very tempting in the winter to stay indoors, this can actually be more harmful in the long run. Yes, although the weather isn’t great outside, getting out of doors in the winter has many benefits. Being outdoors can really boost your mood, and why not take the opportunity to treat yourself to some new winter clothes for your treks outside like this Superdry menswear from

If you are looking for things to tempt you out, then there are many great reasons to wrap up warm and get outside this winter – here are just a few of them…

In the winter, the leaves fall from the trees and the forest canopy which usually hides a lot from our vision is clear to see. This is a great time of the year for birdwatching and there are many birds to see in the branches of the bare trees at this time of year. Chaffinches and coal tits are both garden birds that are a regular sight in the woodlands, and this is the perfect time to spot the small climbing birds, the Nuthatch and the Treecreeper as they make their way up the tree trunks foraging for insects that lie withing them. You can also see birds of prey if you are lucky – head to the Forest of Dean to see beautiful Goshawks flying in amongst the trees in the winter.

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Winter is also a time of celebration – Christmas is coming and what better way to celebrate it than with some homemade Christmas decorations that you have collected from the woodlands? Going out to forage for Christmas decorations is fun as a solitary activity or can be enjoyed as a family – there are lots of sticks and leaves to collect on the grounds as well as pine cones, and of course holly. Mistletoe can be a little more challenging to collect, your best bet is to look around poplar trees and fruit trees, and often you may find a clump that has been knocked from the top branches onto the ground below. Ivy too is a festive evergreen that is perfect for making wreaths for your front door.

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Because the woods and the countryside in general is quieter at this time of the year, it is a good time to enjoy some peace and quiet. The many people who come out on day trips and picnics during the summer are not so great in numbers, so you can explore new places and find some peace and quiet. There is a strong sense of peace to be felt when walking amongst the trees, and in the winter, it is common to feel lower in mood, so getting out and walking through the trees is not only good for you physically but mentally it can really help you to boost your mood as well as relax and enjoy some inner peace.

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