Waiting for Wine

Have you ever wondered how wine is made? Wine is essentially fermented fruit in liquid form. The grapes are gathered from the vineyard and crushed. Yeast that occurs naturally in these environments, comes into contact with the sugar in the grape juice and it’s this that turns into alcohol.

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99.9% of the world’s wine is made from grapes so the first step is to gather a very large amount of this fruit, once it’s ripe. The grapes are put into a clean container and crushed to release all their lovely juice. You may have seen the traditional way of performing this task which was by foot but these days a much more hygienic machine is used for the crushing. There is then a period of waiting while the fermentation takes place.

When the yeasts have done their business, the grape juice is now turned into wine. The sugar that was there is no longer and has become alcohol. The most common containers used for this process are made of oak or stainless steel. The people producing wine can make many decisions that affect how the wine will taste, for example, by using different sizes of container, the temperature the liquid is kept during fermentation and how long it is left to ferment. How long to let the wine mature for and in what type of container will also affect the flavour. If you need help with Liquid Filling for your product, go to www.wyepak.co.uk/filling-packing-services/liquid-filling/

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The flavour of grapes is what differentiates each wine and the local grapes that are used to make it. Simply put, different varieties of grapes make different flavoured wines. The more ripe and sweeter the grape, the more alcoholic it will be too.

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