What are the best things to do in Bedfordshire?

The county of Bedfordshire is in a perfect position. Not only is it only thirty miles from London it is also close to the Midlands and Birmingham as well. It still retains its rural character and although it has seen tumultuous changes in the Dark Ages and the English Civil war, it is considered one of the nicest areas in Britain. It is certainly the place to have a look for Park Homes for Sale Bedfordshire way. What can you find to do in the county?

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  1. The Ickenfield Way. This offers the people of Bedfordshire a great opportunity to walk, cycle and run. Much of the county is  farmland and there is the beauty of the Chilterns in the South.
  2. Whipsnade Zoo. One of the largest and best in the country, Whipsnade Zoo is a fantastic day out. It is beautifully laid out with a great “meet the animals” theatre, a tour around the animals of the world and even it’s own play Ark.

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  1. The RSPB nature reserve of Sandy. With so many water courses running through the county there is a great opportunity to see waterfowl and nesting birdlife here.
  2. Dunstable Downs. This area of the Chilterns is owned and managed by the National Trust. It is well known for its kite flying opportunities. You may well see a hang glider or two as well.



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