Why are park homes so popular with retirees?

Residing in a park home allows a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, perfect for those of retirement age who are looking to enjoy their newfound freedom. Park living can provide an ideal opportunity for lifestyle and financial gain, all whilst living amongst a like-minded community with people who share similar interests.

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Park homes can be lower maintenance than traditional homes, as they are usually smaller and built across a single level. For those who want to take it easier in retirement, they may find that a park home is easier to manage.

Buying a park home frees up money so that retirees can enjoy the fruits of their labour. They are less expensive than traditional brick homes and provide a fantastic place to settle. Despite being significantly more inexpensive, residents can still enjoy all the perks of working boilers, full insulation, and energy source heating. Not only does it free up cash from a purchasing perspective, but it also results in lower bills. All whilst being eco-friendlier and helping the planet.

Park homes can also be relocated. Should your retirement plans alter, or life plans change; there is always the option to relocate a static park home to an alternative site. This can be done without the lengthy process of traditional house sales and purchases. Your home can be located in whichever park takes your fancy.

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For fantastic examples of park homes Gloucestershire, inspiration can be found at http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/. Here you can find a selection of useful advice, personal stories, and buyers guides.

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From single to 2-bedroom and even 3-bedroom models, the selection of layouts and options is vast and there is a model to suit every lifestyle and preferred arrangement. From ensuite bathrooms to walk-in wardrobes, park homes have a full range of luxury amenities.

Living in a park home means that you can choose your home and place it in an ideal location to suit. With parks and communities nationwide, there is a space and location suitable for everyone.

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