Instant Articles and Advertising: Facebook Wins Three Times

What Are Instant Articles?

Instant Articles are the feature of Facebook created by a joint initiative between number of publishers, in particular newspapers (New York Times, National Geographic, Guardian, NBC, BBC, Atlantic and Buzz Feed), including the innovative newspaper in the second round.

Why Instant Articles Are Born?

Instant Articles formally emerge to meet the increasingly widespread demand among Internet users to access faster than shared content on Facebook but present on external sites. In fact, in the face of a growing number of people who accessed information sites directly from posts shared on Facebook, it was a 8-second average wait, between clicking on the link and loading the news page, internet eternity, and especially for who consulted the contents from mobile.

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Instant ArticlesThe Benefits Of Instant Articles For Users And Publishers

Instant Articles are the answer to this delay, and charging is 10 times faster than a standard mobile web page. It offer the user a natural, quicker, and perfectly integrated navigation in the social network. It allow publishers to propose their rethought content for a quality mobile experience. For Publishers, it also offers the opportunity to give new vitality to mobile advertising that in the past appeared too often to the user as spam and is now perfectly integrated with the content and sometimes gets even added value.

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The Winner Is Facebook

Why are Instant Articles for the Digital Ecosystem Facebook is so important?

Instant Articles1) Facebook is always important source of traffic for news sites that produced and distributed content, now the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg is also central to the content distribution system.

2) Users will no longer have to go to the publisher’s site to read the content, but they will do so directly within the social network. What does it mean? An important drop in mobile traffic to publishers’ sites, resulting in lower advertising revenue coming from “traditional content” and an increasing need for monetization with Instant Articles content.

3) Who will help publishers monetize? Facebook! In fact, while leaving the various publishers the opportunity to sell and publish their listings in Instant Articles, it proposes its advertising solution, the Facebook Audience Network.

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Facebook Instant Articles is three times winner …

  1. Becomes central to content distribution;
  2. Increases content creator dependence on its platform;
  3. Expands its advertising audience considerably;
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