Website restyling? 3 basic elements you do not think about

If your website needs to be updated, to adapt it to the new sales strategies of your company, you will probably have turned to a web agency that has proposed you to make a graphics redesign. But is it enough to have a website restyling that will help you sell in 2019? Unfortunately, web marketing agencies often forget that …

A website must be your best seller.

It should not only be beautiful, it must also work to attract qualified traffic, create a database of contacts and help you find customers.

 What do you miss then to have a really useful website restyling?

1 # SEO on the site is not enough

How many pages does your site have?

Already imagine the scene: once you put online the new site, you will think you have finished because the pages you had before (now more beautiful than ever) will do for the purpose. You will not have an editorial plan to make the number of pages increase from month to month. The number of pages will always be those until the next redesign (in a few years).

BAD NEWS. This is not enough! The more pages you have online, the more you are active to publish new ones and the more Google rewards you with good indexing. So, you should not limit yourself to optimized SEO pages that you already have, but you also want to open a blog area!

2 # A site that presents your products is not enough

How many of your site visitors become contacts in your database? If your answer is “I do not know” or “less than 1%”, it means that whoever created the site has forgotten a fundamental part of its effectiveness: the Landing Page.

A Landing Page is a page with a form that allows you to collect the data of potential customers who are visiting your site, and to create a database of contacts.

I’ll give you an example that happened to us: We met a company in the B2C, with a great need to collect names of potential customers. The last agency that had followed the online strategy, had managed to procure only 36 contacts in a year. By adding the right landing pages to the right place, we were able to convert 37 people into contacts on the first day only. After 2 months, we have created a database of over 1,000 contacts!

This is the difference that can make a proper lead generation strategy on your site.

3 # Explain who you are is not enough

You know that in 90% of cases (in 99% in B2B) the page most viewed by your potential customers is the page “who we are”?

Now try to make local mind …

  • What does this page transmit on your site?
  • What do your potential customers understand about you?
  • Did you happen to write that you are an industry leader like all your competitors?
  • Is it a poor page of images and content?
  • Would you buy from your own company after seeing it?

Here are a couple of ideas that you absolutely must not underestimate for website restyling.

Study your buyer well and try to understand what you are looking for from your company. Learn by reading  this article  to identify your needs and desires, try to bring them back (through images, texts, links and videos) in your “who we are” page. When a user lands on this page he/she must understand on the fly that he/she has found the company he/she was looking for.

Add for example …

  • Team photos (if you are in the B2B also the professional role and a bio),
  • Reviews of your best customers (even video reviews!),
  • The differences between you and your competitors (on this point, try to go deep and do not just write that “you’re better because your service is turnkey”),
  • The “Why choose you?” and all that can make you feel like the best company they could turn to solve their problem.
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