How to start a video store?

In the guide that follows, step by step, I will explain how to start a video store. The video rental business undoubtedly offers a quality service to customers, given that the latter have the opportunity to rent the film they want and return it when they deem it appropriate, bearing in mind that depending on the time they rent it, they pay a certain fee.

It is also true that the video store sector has been in decline for some years, as the activity that provides for the fact of being able to watch films directly online or even download them from the web is increasingly widespread, the latter practice not permitted by law. Regardless of this, it must be said that many video libraries resist these phenomena because the quality of the rented films continues to be at high levels. The video rental business is undoubtedly recommended to all those who are lovers of cinema.

How to start a video store?

  • VAT number
  • Room of adequate size
  • Large starting capital
  • Activity report form
  • Movies to rent
  • Authorization for illuminated signs

How to start a video store

The search for the right place

If you intend to start a video store from scratch, the first thing you have to do is certainly to go in search of the right place. To do this, a number of important factors must be taken into consideration. First of all, you have to make sure that you don’t have any competition nearby because unless you decide to make big offers to the regulars of the other video store, they will certainly not change their habits. You can discover: How it feels to chew 5 gum

Furthermore, it is preferable that there is adequate parking near the place to be transformed into a video store so that customers do not have to wander too much to find a parking space for the time necessary to take the film for rent. It is also necessary to consider that, to open a video store, it is necessary to do it in a place where there are at least 10 thousand inhabitants.

The documentation necessary for the opening of the video library

At this point, it is appropriate to talk about what is the documentation necessary for the opening of the video library. First of all, it is necessary to register with the business register and then submit to the municipality in which you intend to start the activity the appropriate form to communicate the start of the same. Wait the necessary time, usually 30 days and, if you do not receive a negative response, it means that you can proceed safely to open the video store business.

However, it is good to keep in mind that, to start even with a simple distributor, you need to open a VAT number and register with the chamber of commerce. It is also advisable to have an accountant who explains all the legal steps to be performed before opening the activity, and that can manage all the various practices inherent to the activity, including the annual tax return. Finally, the start of the activity must also be communicated to the competent police headquarters and request the authorization of the illuminated signs from the technical office of the municipality.

The purchase of films for the video store

After all, documentation is done, you have to think about getting the films to rent/sell. On the internet, one can easily find vendors who market films for sale or rental. It must be said that each video purchased for rental costs 5 to 7 times more than one for personal use only, as the video producer gives permission to rent it. In fact, in the cases, there is a sticker that says “DVD for rental” or in English “for rental.” It is mandatory to buy this copy at a higher price. Otherwise, the video store is liable for the complaint. Once the activity has started, remember that initial advertising is very important (to be repeated periodically), as well as various promotions within the video store itself.

The opening of the franchise video store

It is good to know that it is also possible to open a franchise video store, especially if you are at your first experience in the commercial sector. In this case, you have the opportunity to be guided in the management of the business and therefore to affiliate with a company (franchisor), to which an entrance fee is paid, to have the opportunity to receive a special “commercial package” that is a basic model for the standard of organization and management of the video library.

The advantage of franchising is undoubtedly that of being able to take advantage of a brand that is easily recognizable by the public and therefore of being able to immediately have a good number of customers so that the business can do good business starting from the first year.

If possible, a special refreshment area for customers should also be included in the video library, so that they can feel at ease as if they were at the cinema.


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