The Concepts Of Online Advertising

Online advertising is gaining very large turnover in the network. So today we will talk about the basic concepts and terms of advertising on the Online. In order to become more familiar with such a tool, you first need to familiarize yourself with the theoretical part.

All these concepts you need to remember, that in the future when creating an advertising campaign online you do not have any unnecessary problems and questions …

Basic concepts of online advertising

Contextual advertising: It is a community of people on whom an advertising message is directed. In such a message, contextual advertising, an advertising banner, a post of some social network, and teaser advertising can be used. All this is generally called an advertising message.

And the target audience are those people to whom we try to convey our advertising. Also these are people who are potentially interested in our some kind of service or goods. It is with the definition of the target audience that any advertising campaign begins.

Display advertising: It is the display of advertising to any user. For example, a user visits the site and sees our advertising banner there, and this will be considered one display. In this case, two types of displays are usually divided: unique and non-unique.

Non-unique impressions are impressions that are considered regardless of the uniqueness of the user. That is, if a person came to the site several days during the day and saw our advertising banner, then it will be three non-unique shows. One user saw three times.

If we considered unique impressions, then the user would go once to the site and see an advertising banner – it would be considered for the show. All other user visits and viewing of the user of this banner would not be counted, since the user already visited the site and accordingly these displays were non-unique.

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Basic terms of online advertising

Click: Came from the sound by clicking the mouse button. In terms of the online means the user’s transition to the site. That is, when a person clicks on an advertising banner, on a contextual advertisement or on a link, he goes to the site.

That is, a click is actually the transition to your site of a user from the advertising message after clicking on the banner, clicking on the contextual announcement or on the link. The number of clicks affects the click ability of the ad.

URL (website page address): When you are asked for a URL, you need to give the address of a page. As for online advertising, you are asked to give, for example, the address of the main page (this is the domain) or the address of the specific page of the site that you want to advertise to calculate the media plan. So if you are asked for a URL, then do not be scared at once. This will be the address of your site.

Landing Page (LP): It is the landing page or landing page. This is also a well-known term that is used in advertising. What is it? Landing page – this is any page of your site, which will be transferred to users.

Imagine that you are pointing such page of your site in some kind of advertising message. For example, link this page to a click on the banner. The user went to some site, saw your banner, clicked on it and went to a specific page of your site.

In fact, after clicking on the banner, the user has landed on this page. Therefore from here such name. This is the main page on which the user will come to you on the site after clicking on the advertisement or after reporting some advertising message to him.

An account is a personal account. It already includes the personal cabinet of Google AdWords.

Ban: This is the account lock. If you, for any reason, violate the rules of the advertising platform or system, you may be assigned an account lockout. In general, the ban!

Bid: It is the rate at the auction or the price of the click that you put on the auction in the Google AdWords system. This we will talk in detail in another post.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Promotion in the search engines. This is the promotion of your site or a set of measures that are aimed at improving the position of the site in search results.

Search output is a display in search results. For example, in the search engine Google. When a user hits a request (for example, buying a drill), the search results are displayed to him. It is the promotion to the first line in the search results and is called advancement in search engines.

Targeting: Separation or segmentation CA. This is targeting our advertising message to some target audience. Targeting can be distributed by gender, age or geography. We take some big target audience and divide it into different segments.

For example, we can set up so that our advertising banner or contextual advertising is shown only to men or only to women. You can only an adult or only a minor and so on.

So, these were the basic concepts on the subject of online advertising. Now you already know what the target audience is, shows, landing page and much more.


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