Top 10 Tips For Marketing A Small Business

By definition, marketing is used to examine the availability of inquiries from existing and potential customers of the company, to inform them about the benefits of your offer and the linear promotion of the company’s products or services. Marketing a small business is an important part of both the strategic business plan of a start-up company and the strategic and tactical plan of action of an already operating company. In other words: Without marketing, there cannot be a successful business.

Marketing a small business helps to understand and study the needs of existing and potential customers of the company and increases the likelihood that they will become customers of your company, and based on the results of the study of requests to create prerequisites for their purchases. We bring to your attention a selection of tips, which should be used to improve the marketing strategy and tactics of small business owners. These 10 tips for marketing a small business cannot replace a standard textbook and marketing plans and activities, which somehow have to create to the owners of small businesses, but rather complement them …

Promote your business with the help of “friendly channels”

Create a “friendly channel” to promote your proposals by combining them with the proposals of other small businesses. This technique of marketing a small business can significantly increase coverage and reach many more customers than if you made your offer without this channel. Surely you have familiar businessmen or even buddies among them and these acquaintances can be used with even greater benefit. An example of such a “friendly channel” is the dissemination of information through the company’s website, which belongs to your acquaintance.

You can also ask your friend to put a little information about your company or your offer in his in promotional brochures, brochures, perhaps even on business cards, presenting your business as a partner of the company. Naturally, you must respond in the same way and provide information about the company of a friend in your promotional materials. As a result, this will allow both companies to get in touch with a new pool of potential customers. Imagine what kind of free coverage you can get if you have many friends and acquaintances among entrepreneurs. Very unexpected and unusual? And you try, because the creation of such a friendly channel does not require large expenditures.

Marketing A Small Business

Include original stickers in your postal items

If your business uses such a channel as mail: in the form of envelopes or in the form of parcels, never forget to paste the brightest and colorful stickers in the most visible place of such items, informing all those who come in contact with them and read about your excellent proposal. Believe in this tactics of marketing a small business, as these stickers, especially if they are bright, they will immediately catch sight of all those who want to read the letter or open a parcel and this attention is remembered as brightly as the last thing that catches the eye of who is addressed to. Just do not forget: on these stickers there must be a minimum of information that can be read in 10 seconds, not more.

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Create a postcard of your offer and send it by mail

Also unexpected? In the age of e-mail and Skype, using ancient techniques is silly? By no means. About electronic shipments and Skype today does not know unless that full savage and all these channels use. How to allocate your offer? It was recalling the “old tricks” of marketing a small business. Create a postcard, for example, a greeting card and send it to the postal addresses of your customers or to the postal addresses of those who live in the area where your business is located. You can use standard postcards, but on the front side, glue your postcard, previously printed on a color laser printer and self-adhesive paper.

Everyone has become accustomed to promotional and promotional materials distributed through mailboxes and which hundreds of people, even if they do not read, throw away your potential customers. It is an ordinary postcard, but with your “supplement”, sent by ordinary mail (sent, but not distributed in boxes), it will certainly attract the attention of those who will pick it up in order to simply throw it away. Only again it is necessary to take into account – the message, especially the advertising should be brief. Such an “old” reception, such a postcard will be able to significantly increase traffic to your site, the address of which you naturally place on this postcard.

Add your messages when answering phone calls

When you answer phone calls, carefully include in your reply a message that may interest the subscriber and which directly relates to your business. It may be information about your new service or product that you just released on the market. Such a message about the proposal should be unobtrusive, short and bright enough to attract attention to it.

If you make an offer, it should not be aggressive. Include in your oral report on the timing of the action or a discount, all that can cause interest in the one with whom you are talking on the phone. People pay attention to that information that helps to save or helps them to get a product that has many advantages and is sold cheaper than competitors.

Never forget to make a new offer to the customer who bought it

The most important understanding and reception that many, especially beginning entrepreneurs miss in their practice and even ignore. And this is completely wrong. After the customer makes a purchase from you, immediately, unobtrusively, accurately, respectfully, offer him a new product or service. At the same time, the best method to marketing a small business is to offer discounts as a customer, which has now become permanent and to which the company has a special approach and a special offer.

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Be sure to point out that the company values relations with all customers very much, but with those who are its regular customers – especially. Do not be shy to be over obliging, but do not be intrusive. Be sure to thank the client for the attention that he shows to your company, acquiring its products or services. You can add a bit of relevance to the new proposal, saying that the terms of the action are limited. They say that … just for you, just for you …

Marketing A Small Business

Suggest seminars

Offer your regular customers (as well as inform in advertising and promotional materials and potential clients) about exclusive seminars that your company organizes for its regular customers in a desire to tell about trends and modern directions. It should be borne in mind that such events can be very successful public relations, as they can receive wide coverage in the media and accordingly good and motivating information will reach a greater number of your potential buyers.

Adjust the number of visitors to your seminars by admission, if such regulation is required. We understand perfectly well that it is very expensive to “overpower” holding a seminar of a start-up company. But believe for 90% of companies, if they do not work in the premium segment, organizing such a seminar will not be an overhead event. You can hold a creative seminar, where the participants themselves will do everything that is planned by the script.

Boards, boxes and mail, mail the old post …

If your company is a business of step-by-step accessibility and serves mainly people who live in the business location area, use the mail and services of companies that deal with the delivery of advertising to mailboxes. Yes, this is an old, “chewed” welcome, actively used by many companies, but … it works.

For example, many entrepreneurs use the services of agencies offering to place an advertisement on stands at the entrance or inside the elevator. Quite recently we saw a very interesting and creative approach for marketing a small business: as on the handles of the entrance doors were placed advertising bulletins in the form of a bright cardboard figure Carlson. So the company offered services for washing windows. Throw away the annoyance funny and funny Carlson, not many will be especially if they have children … and will surely remember this move.

Use newsletters

Never forget: The cost of attracting the attention of a new customer of your business is six times more expensive than attracting the attention of an “old” client, someone who is already your client. To sell your products or services to those who are already your client, it is sometime

s enough to simply send them newsletters. Even better, if such newsletters are personal.

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Let’s say if you know the name and patronymic of the one to whom you address your newsletter. In this case, it is necessary to address the name of the patronymic: “Dear Alex Sanchez”. A good tactic of saving money is to send them an e-mail newsletter for those who are your subscribers.

Marketing A Small Business

Exchange of goods and services

This is also an unusual device and it is possible that not all owners of businesses will meet understanding, although it has been used for a long time by many online stores when delivering the ordered goods. We propose to use this tool to promote your company’s offers through the product delivery of another company. Agree with an online store or a group of online stores and put your promotional offers in the packaging of the delivered goods.

Naturally, when choosing an online store as a partner, it is necessary to consider the target audience that this online store is targeting. It is meaningless to offer, say, Viagra to those who order goods in the online store for youth recreation.

Your marketing should always be fresh

There is no universal marketing approach that works for years. One marketing move, even the most successful, cannot fully meet the needs of customers and customers of your business. Customers can “get tired” of the same sentence and stop paying attention to it. Thus, we must always improve our marketing tactics and strategy.

A great tool for marketing a small business is to  capable of constantly investigating your audience’s requests can be feedback to your customers. Constantly interact with customers and constantly receive signals from them about a particular product and adjust your marketing in accordance with the recall.

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