How Bad Website Design Can Be Detrimental To ROI

A poorly designed website with gaps and holes can have a significant negative impact on the functioning of the business. In terms of trade, this equates to the loss of thousands and thousands of dollars every second. In this article, we will focus on just a few aspects of bad website design – and will talk about what common mistakes exist and how to avoid them.

1. Design over functionality

The functionality of the website should be above all. Even if your design is beautiful and looks like Leonardo da Vinci tried it, but the site does not perform its direct functions, the design is bad. You must try to balance the beauty and functionality to avoid bad website design, navigation can be beautifully implemented, but at the same time be intuitive. The site should not primarily hit, but sell. All the rest is optional.

2. Overflow of pop-up windows

Use pop-up windows wisely. Imagine yourself at the buyer’s place: you went to the site in search of the product you need, and instead of the product card and its description, you end up with endless pop-up windows offering to register, share the page, leave contact information or simply view the advertisement. Do you buy something on such a resource? Correctly, you will run without looking back. Think about the fact why it’s listed in bad website design, well simply think if pop-up windows did not irritate users, would the plug-in developers spend their time and effort creating special blocking programs and browser extensions? according to ms office 2016 key it won’t happen.

Of course, not every pop-up window is evil. They can be very useful for users. The same forms of online chat rooms, for example, are very useful. As well as pop-up buttons social networks, but only after the user became familiar with the content and reached the end of the page. Or the user viewed several pages of the site and after that you can use the pop-up form to invite him to subscribe to the materials of your resource, since he was interested in them anyway. In general, there are options, but only after the visitor has received what he wanted. If the pop-up windows are opened immediately when you go to the site, they definitely harm, and do not benefit. Better really without them, than with them.

Bad Website Design

3. Unreasonable color solution

The color scheme of the site is able to directly influence the decision of visitors to use the services of the company. Color participates in formation of opinion about the company, its reliability, serious approach to business, professionalism. Colors affect the mood and the behavior of the user. Read about the rules of combining colors and their psychological aspect, make sure that the colors are calm, seasoned, fit the theme of the site, so that there is no variegation, excessive brightness, gloom or a lot of empty white space.

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4. Variety of fonts

Do not abuse fonts. Selected fonts are your demonstration of confidence, moderation, consistency and taste. And as care about the sight of visitors to the resource (as in the case of choosing a color solution of the site). Be sure to think about the fact that the font was quite common and that it had an adequate replacement in each of the existing browsers.

5. Weak, irrelevant content

Another fact of bad website design that we often avoid as the website needs constant support and updates. You cannot create content one single time and this is to calm down. Your content is the first impression that the user receives when he first hits the resource. Therefore, texts, photographs and videos should be convincing, relevant, high-quality, written for people, not for search engines.

Bad Website Design

6. Excessive number of links

Links on the site perform several functions: links between pages, switching to downloading additional material, switching to third-party sites, etc. Yes, each of them has its own semantic load, but put yourself in the user’s place. Typically, the links are highlighted graphically, if there are too many of them – reading the content is significantly more complicated. It is easy to click on the links accidentally, and then you have to cancel the action and lose for this time (especially if you are using a mobile phone or tablet for viewing). To avoid bad website design please do not overload the page with different links, use them wisely and only where they really need it.

7. Autoplay

Autostart of music or video files is terrible. Firstly, it is not convenient for everyone to listen to the tracks that you have proposed right now. Secondly, people themselves like to make decisions, and do not like it when everyone decides for them. Thirdly, it’s just annoying.

8. Placement of third-party ads on the site

Placement of advertisements can seem very tempting in terms of additional income but it is a fact of bad website design. Keep in mind, if your site does not specialize on this, then do not overuse advertising. After all, there is always a chance to lose a client who will go on such an announcement to another resource and will forget to return to you. And even such posters and banners can significantly slow down the work of your site.

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