How To Advertise? Tips For Beginners

A beginner entrepreneur often spends a lot of money on advertising campaigns. But it can hurt to spend these funds in vain without plan. It is difficult for a person without experience to understand how to advertise correctly, since it does not always understand the principle of its work.

How To Advertise

How To Advertise To get the desired result from advertising and save your money?

The experience of marketers and advertisers suggests that the ways of advertising promotion for different areas of activity are different.

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There are 3 big branches in business …

  • Production
  • Trade
  • Service sector

How to advertise correctly in production?

How To Advertise

If your company has just appeared on the market, you need to attract as much attention as possible to potential buyers. In this case, visual advertising works well, the purpose of which is to “promote” the brand.

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  • Television: For TV-promotion, an advertisement is needed, which is better placed on local or very popular TV channels. The pleasure is not cheap, but the costs are 100% pay off, especially if you use interesting tricks in the video (funny song, famous person, non-standard storyline).
  • Billboards: It is also effective for memorizing the brand of the company. Pay attention to the logo and the formulation of a clear trade proposal of your company.
  • Plasma panels and media stands: Work in places of good patency (shops, stations, hospitals), where a person is forced to wait for a turn. The look focuses on changing pictures, and time passes faster.
  • Magazine and newspaper advertising: Thematic magazines excellently promote your brand. Do not be stingy for an interview, where you can declare yourself as a professional. You can also order advertising on the spread.

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A loyal visual policy will lead to the fact that not only buyers but also dealers who offer cooperation will find out about your brand.

How to advertise correctly in trade?

How To Advertise

To promote specific goods, several other methods are used …

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  • Advertising on radio and television: Effectively and verified. Great audience coverage, fast recognition of your product or store, a hundred percent payback.
  • Advertising booklets: Colored and bright – they are effective advertising. In the booklet, indicate prices for new and popular products, especially highlighting discounts and bonuses. Do not forget to specify the address of the store. It’s better to distribute them at the very entrance to the store or scatter them to the mailboxes of nearby houses.
  • Advertising in the elevator: The price will depend on the size of the layout. Such advertising is convenient because potential buyers see your ad at least twice a day during the week.
  • Printed editions, newspapers and magazines: It is better to order not an ad, but an advertising module in a thematic rubric of local most popular magazines and newspapers.
  • Business cards with discounts: They can be handed to customers at the checkout. This will encourage people to come to you again and again.
  • Sign and pillar: Called to draw the attention of passers-by to your store the sign must be colorful, and the pillar – informative and intuitive.

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How to advertise in the service sector?

How To Advertise

To promote specific services several other methods are used …

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  • Advertising on radio and television: As always, it works well for the service sector, thanks to the wide audience coverage and “visibility”. For TV, an advertising report about your beauty salon or body shop is perfect.
  • Private ads: They are ordinary paper ads with tear-off sheets. Entrepreneurs often underestimate this old form of advertising, but it does not lose its popularity. It’s easier to tear off the phone you need than to stop on the go and photograph an announcement or record contacts.
  • Printed editions, newspapers and magazines: If your city has newspapers and magazines with the rubric “services”, you can stay there. This way of advertising is cheap. A huge influx of customers should not wait, but as an additional resource to use.
  • Advertising on transport: Small companies do not pull large-scale advertising on public transport, but they can order a sticker on the rear window with the name of the service and the phone.
  • The Internet: This includes advertising on search, banners, advertising in social networks, posting on city and thematic forums, creating groups in social networks. Internet promotion can be either paid or free.

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Choose a promotion channel and give advertising is not the most important thing. It is much more important to correctly analyze the indicators and optimize the advertising campaign so that it is as effective as possible.

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