5 things to do immediately to boost your online business

It is now known … digital marketers have well understood the fact that the Internet is the most powerful means to sell, promote and advertise any product or brand. Traditional media have been easily overcome. The present is already evolving. The future goes towards augmented reality and virtual reality.

Therefore traditional advertising media, such as radio and television, may soon know their definitive sunset.

Today, marketing professionals and digital strategists must plan intelligent web marketing plans to reach their target market. If you want to make a change in your online business, you need to go digital. But it is not so immediate. Needless to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning and decide to open a website or a blog or a Facebook page.

Keep calm and do not throw yourself headlong into the actions that come to your mind immediately. Study a well-defined digital marketing strategy first. You can start with these five solid cornerstones to boost your online business and enhance your business.

1. Mobile Mania

Smartphone and mobile now dominate the scene. Few professionals continue to work and browse the web on a PC or laptop. If this does not apply to B2B, a good digital marketing strategy must devise plans to capture consumers directly on their mobile phones.

What is the most important consequence of the mobile trend? Offer the possibility to create personal ties with the customer, for example by bringing the online business of an e-commerce company through a personalized app to a strict bond. Or by using social media for lead generation or re-marketing campaigns.

2. Visual content

With consumers who have less time available to read long-content material, the visual has definitely become the “king” content par excellence. Worldwide, around 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube in every single minute. Can it be enough to get you an idea? This is why you don’t have to give up video to reach and monitor your target market.

Inside you will surely be saying “But I wouldn’t have anything to film or any content to publish on video”. Nonsense! By now there are so many contents to be sent in video format that every day on YouTube the visualizations grow rapidly. Tutorials, presentations, webinars, infographics, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

3. Use influencers in moderation

Warning! This is a very delicate point. Nowadays influencers are seen as gurus who can transform anything they touch into gold. It is not so.

It is not my intention to spoil online reputations (and in fact I will not mention any names) but most of the online profiles that pretend to be influencers do not even have any idea what it means to converge a lead into a prospect and therefore into a customer.

That being said, in your digital marketing plan you may be dealing with influencers who offer you a partnership for your online business. Carefully evaluate your requests, which could be the actual commercial returns net of sponsorship costs. Better still if the influencer provides a detailed ROI card or plan.

In a previous article I worked on influencers and communities. I know it can be a tiring and not at all pleasant job, but if you really can’t establish a healthy collaboration with a serious influencer, you can always think of being an influencer yourself!

4. Use SEO techniques to position your business

Search for the most easily scalable keywords. Try to optimize your texts, be they on the showcase site or on the company blog or on the Facebook page of your business. Think like a search engine but don’t write like a robot!

Remember that the reader is still a human being, and as such must find the right answers in what he is seeking. Avoid endless repetition of identical words or phrases. It avoids even more copying / pasting the same texts on different web channels. A little imagination is what we need. Why should you be bored in describing your business to different audiences? It should be something inspiring!

5. The impact on social media

More and more social platforms are emerging as new opportunities for economically advantageous promotion and marketing. Of course each of them has its own peculiar characteristics and its “average user” to define. Certainly, however, that social media can generate important sources of promotion and income. It is enough to know how to exploit them properly!

Social media based digital marketing plans are made according to the taste and preferences of the users who populate these platforms. A good Social Media Marketing can offer a fruitful lead generation that can work to increase its user base. Or again, a healthy social media activity can strengthen your network and create new collaboration opportunities.

To conclude

Building or boost your online business is not child’s play. Dedication, perseverance, research and application are necessary. Nothing should be left to chance. The opportunities are endless. Concentrate only on those that really suit you. Before you push yourself on a project or an online marketing activity, make sure that what you are doing is really what you need. And if it’s really the quickest way to get the results you need.

I am curious to know if you too have a Top 5 of actions that you have already experienced being infallible to immediately boost your online business. Let me know your techniques or write your opinion in the comments!


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