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One of the first decisions that must be made when planning to open a business, for example, in the case of coffee shops or restaurants, is undoubtedly the name. Among the different measures to be carried out in the marketing plan, and in the business plan in general, is to think and reflect on the name of the business itself, which is essential since it will be the main element to transmit a message and claim customer care. It may seem like a simple thing to decide, but the name of a coffee shop is a very influential aspect in the future of the business. To be successful, you must take into account different factors so that it is as attractive as possible and corresponds to the image and work that identify the business.

If you want to discover ideas of names for coffee shops in different languages ​​and for different styles of the coffee business, we recommend that you continue reading this article in which you will see more than 145 names for food businesses focused on coffee and its accompaniments.

Names for coffee shops

Names for coffee shops

For lovers of the Anglo-Saxon world, any name with a British accent is attractive. For this reason and because it is an international language, many entrepreneurs opt for original names for coffee shops in English . These are some innovative proposals:

Hot black coffee
Royal Coffee Cream
Coffee moment
Coffee, Cream & Sugar
Coffee & Sugary Breakfast
Coffee milk
Happy coffee hour
Mr Coffee
London cream
Coffee house
Royal palace
Peter’s coffee
Sweet Coffee Box
Sweet Café Cream
Coffee Galaxy
Great coffee
Moony coffee
Happy sunny coffe
Coffee Fusion
Delicious cake
Today’s Coffee
Special Coffee
Go & Milk
Donut coffee
Fantasy cake
Coffee place
Coffee corner

Names for vintage coffee shops

There are some odd names for coffee shops that positively impact the business arena by being different and eye-catching. Although it may surprise some, vintage denominations can create a customer appeal effect, as they generate nostalgia, curiosity, evoke a time considered with a lot of style, and so on. Here are some examples of vintage names for coffee shops :

Coffee with Art
Coffee Ecstasy
Cafe Window
Grandma’s Coffee Maker
Coffee grinder
Coffee nectar
The Classic Mug
Coffee Cathedral
Sweet Bubble
Arco Cafeteria
Coffee Corner
Coffee Oasis
Gothic Cafe
Intimate Coffee
Vintage Cafe
Cafeteria San Miguel
Latin coffee
Coffee cream
Coffee Envelopes
Indiscreet sip

Names for small coffee shops

Looking for names for small coffee shops? The small business also has its site with some interesting ideas and they can even serve as naming ideas for mobile coffee shops, since these are usually quite small:

Mini Coffee
Charming mug
Little sip
The Coffee Moment
Coffee Capsule
The Sugar
Corner of the Crème
Mini Breakfast
The Little Toast
Coffee booth
The little coffee

Names for healthy cafeterias

If your cafeteria offers products with a clear healthy approach, take the opportunity to name it inspiring you in this area. Here are some of the best names for healthy coffee shops :

Healthy breakfast
Healthy food & coffee
No sugar Cafe
Vegetarian cafe
Coffee Redoubt
Coffee with Saccharin
Green coffee
Healthy breakfast
Sip of life
Coffee Tree
Natural Coffee
100% Coffee
Coffee Infusions
Coffee aroma
Environmental coffee
Coffee Water

Anime coffee shop names

Anime is another source of inspiration if you are looking for exotic names for coffee shops and would like to open one with this Japanese theme. Can’t think of any great ones? Here are some naming ideas for anime coffee shops :

Shizuka coffee
Tokyo coffee shop
Dorayaki coffee
Pokemon Cafe
Doraemon coffee
One Piece Cafeteria
The Coffee Sword
Cafe Cosplay
Otaku Cafe
Anime Coffee
Sugar & Coffee Cosplay
Chocolat & Coffe Tokyo
Japan coffee shop
Japanese Coffee
Japanese sip
Sakura coffee

Tips for naming your coffee shop

Knowing how to choose a name for a cafe depends on several factors that you must take into consideration. At oneHOWTO we give you the following tips so that you can make the best choice:

  • Personal name and surname: it is a common bet in many family businesses, be they coffee shops or in another sector. In certain neighborhoods, it can be a successful option if the entrepreneur is well known, but in other cases it involves identification problems since there are surnames and names that are not excessively attractive.
  • Popularly recognized names: There is a tendency to name coffee shops after famous people, or at least with some popularity. It helps to attract the attention of potential customers, although it is not always possible to convey the image that the business really conveys (either by offer or work personnel).
  • Good looks, but no sense: choosing a made-up word, an expression that has no connection to a cafeteria or a name that is out of all logic is sometimes a wise strategy. Getting the customer’s attention is the main goal with an ingenious formula.

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