What is an seo analyst and what are their functions in the company

Every day there are more professionals in the digital marketing sector thanks to the emergence of new innovative companies focused on Internet business models. Within this world, there are many different profiles and one of the ones that shines the most is undoubtedly the SEO positioning expert. The logical question at this point would be what is an SEO Analyst or SEO specialist? We can define it as the person who coordinates the appearance of a web page in search engines with the aim of appearing in the top positions.

What is the role of seo analyst?

what is the role of seo analyst

SEO is a combination of marketing, sociology and a technical part, which today is fundamental in any digital marketing strategy. SEO professionals understand how users search and implement website improvements to increase traffic. Regarding job offers, you have two options: Work in an agency and for several clients, or in-house within the Marketing department of a company.

If we talk about qualities, we can say that a good SEO Analyst is proactive and curious, since the evolution of search engines occurs week by week and has to be continuously recycled. The profiles are very different: computer engineers, business experts, marketing, telecommunications, journalists, etc. There is no university degree that validates you to be an SEO Analyst or SEO specialist since it is a very practical profession and requires testing, forecasting and analytics. If you are thinking of dedicating yourself to the world of SEO, read on and find out what its functions are in the company, what qualities it has and the keys to becoming a true search engine positioning professional.

SEO Analyst functions within the company

In theory, the job of an SEO Analyst is solely focused on attracting organic traffic and increasing revenue from a website. However, currently, this professional figure has been changing and adapting to new search engine algorithms. In this way, the SEO Analyst has had to acquire additional skills and be a content creator at the same time, take into account the user experience, make decisions related to digital strategy, be creative and at the same time educator to be able to survive in this world:

  • Content developer. In the Marketing sector, currently “content is king”, so it is impossible to position well in search engines if there is no quality content. Many of the writers are directly integrated into the SEO team or it is the SEO Analyst himself who is in charge of writing and managing them if their profile is not too technical. Quality content can be difficult to create, as it is not exactly something you can study unless you have a journalistic profile and dedicate yourself solely to writing.
  • User experience. The main objective of SEO is to know what users want to find when they enter a web page. To get more organic traffic to your page, it is essential that you know how to provide a good user experience.
  • Digital strategy. He has to take part in the digital strategy since he is the one who spends the most time on the website analyzing each piece of information to know how users use the website. Therefore, it is always important to take into account the point of view of the SEO expert because he is the one who knows what is best for the website.
  • Creative. Currently, leads are much more difficult to get than before (when you could go to directories, for example). Each link, acquired manually or organically, requires much more planning than work, and each time the SEO Analyst has to be more creative.
  • Educator. According to professionals in the sector, the best SEO Analyst is the one that, after a time in a company, is no longer necessary. Although it may seem like a paradox, it refers to an increasingly common reality: The SEO expert has to educate the entire Digital Marketing team so that all content is designed to favor search engine positioning.

When you work as an SEO Analyst or SEO specialist, you will see that there are times where you can implement technological improvements to increase organic traffic, and there are also times when you can implement a digital marketing strategy to improve your organic traffic. However, you will find that most of the time you have to do both. Marketing educates potential customers about your product or service and persuades them to buy it, and therefore SEO is part of marketing and is becoming one of the channels that attract the most traffic. As for the future, we can venture that while Google continues to change its algorithms, SEOs will have to change their tactics.

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