Tips for adding hashtags to instagram after posting

The use of hashtags is growing every day, through this system many find topics of common interest and manage to detect the most popular trends of the moment, that is why the use of hashtags on Instagram can become a fundamental tool for your company get better sales.

Of course, you have to know how to use this tool and precisely this article will explain the tips for adding hashtags to instagram after posting, what content it should have and the ideal time to use it.

Tips for adding hashtags to instagram after posting

adding hashtags to instagram after posting

One detail that must be understood is that to create a hashtag there are no limitations, in this sense you can do any number of expressions, with any amount of content, just by placing # followed by the word or expression you want to create. However, that doesn’t mean that all hashtags are effective.

How to define effective content? If you want to position your company on Instagram using a hashtag, you must devise a strategy that helps you manage your products or services. The idea is that the hashtag is a catchy and attractive expression that motivates the public to follow and use it.

To achieve this, never use hashtags that are too long. For example, if your company sells shoes, a hashtag that is too long would be: # losmejoreszapatosforkinosyadults This type of hashtag is not attractive or effective. The key is to do something simple that people remember and motivate them to use.


It is important that on Instagram you are attentive to trends, whether of the day or of the time; These can result in golden opportunities to position your company through an effective hashtag.

The reason is that people are always looking at trending hashtags, so if you use this medium there is a greater chance that many people will observe your content, products and services.

Now, in relation to this point, you have to be attentive to the type of trending hashtag and the brand you are promoting. Why? Not always the brand and the trend hashtags are related, if this happens, do not insist on combining two elements that are already uneven.

Hashtags on Instagram that motivate

This is another technique that can help you get your business in a good position on Instagram; The idea of ​​this type of hashtag is to involve the public to carry out a certain activity related to your brand.

Let’s illustrate this point, if your company sells barbecue grill, an effective hashtag would have to encourage the public to spend time with friends; or if, for example, your company sells dog shampoo; the hashtag could encourage people to take care of their pets.


As has been analyzed in this article, the idea of ​​creating a hashtag on Instagram is not simply making random phrases, for your company to be very well positioned you must use the imagination and the techniques exposed here. Remember to define the content of each hashtag very well , in addition to being attentive to trends to motivate customers.


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