Local SEO: 7 Tips To Improve Your Local Positioning

Do you have a local business but your potential customers cannot find you on the search engines?

In Local Advertising Journal, we have collected few tips from SEO experts worldwide. All you need to do is just put into practice these 7 tips to climb the rankings of the search engines and surpass your competitors.

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

First of all, perhaps you’re wondering “What is Local SEO?”

The Local SEO stands for measures series of optimization activities carried out on the web in order to improve the visibility and the ranking of a website, and therefore it’s ranking on Google and other search engines, so geo or for keyword searches that contain the names of location.

An example? Search Keyword: “Toronto” Mexican restaurant. Or “Websites development Toronto”, “Construction Company Building in New York”.

How many times have you happened to do a search of this type on Google? I guess at least once. Indeed more than once. It is a kind of very common research that users make to find businesses, restaurants, hotels, places of interest close to where they live.

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If you have an activity of local type this article could be your local business solution …

Follow these 7 tips to optimize your website for local searches on Google and other search engines. With Local SEO you will increase your visibility and surpass some competitors!

1) Realize your Google My Business page

Local SEO

Create your page, Google My Business. It is very important, it’s a free service of Google. But above all is the page that displays the results on maps. It must contain the correct and updated information of your business.

Sign in “Google My Business” and make your business card, add a text description of your company and you can add photos or videos.

If your business is already on Google My Business checks that the information is complete, correct and current. Otherwise Provide immediately to update.

2) Use a unique code NAP

Local SEO

The acronym NAP indicates Name, Address and Phone number or name (corporate name), physical address and telephone number.

It is very important that this information is available on the footer of all pages of your website and must be identical to those present in your business card from Google My Business.

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3) Connect Google My Business to Google Plus

Local SEO

Assume you end up with more cards Google My Business and Google Plus profiles disconnected with each other. Make sure you have only one listing Google My Business and make sure it’s connected to your Google Plus profile.

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4) Optimize the Meta tags of your website

Local SEO

The meta tags, i.e. the “Title” and “Description”, must be optimized. They represent one of the most important parameters to optimize when you ranking on search engines, not even local.

Keep in mind that each page on your site has a unique Meta Title and Meta Description, do not use duplicated on different pages. Each page will have its own unique Title and Description and identification. Optimize for inserting in them the keywords with which you want to place on search engines like Google. And do not forget to also put the name of your location.

5) Add to your website pages specific geolocated

Local SEO

Your website must contain pages that describe what you do, what you offer on the market to your customers, or pages related to your products or services, all optimized geolocated.

I’ll try to explain …

Take the case of a construction company in Toronto, Canada. Within their website, there are pages dedicated to the description of each service …

  • New civil construction Toronto;
  • New industrial buildings Toronto;
  • Building Renovation Toronto;
  • Green Building Toronto;
  • Demolition Toronto;
  • Renovation roofs Toronto.

I repeat what I said earlier: there must be a page dedicated to the presentation of each service, not just write some lines on a single page where you group and briefly describe all services.

If inside your website does not have a descriptive text optimized for search engines people will not find you! It will end instead of your competitor’s site.

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6) Create social profiles of your business

Local SEO

Build a social profile for each of the major social networks …

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Google Plus;

If your business lends itself well to being told and described through images even consider Pinterest and Instagram, two social networks based on the visual. Keep in mind that there is also YouTube if you have video and you have the desire and passion for realizing them.

When you create these profiles, very careful in using your business information (NAP) just and equal to the web site.

Once created, these profiles will have to commit to keeping them updated. It happens too often see social profiles created and then left to itself. Might as well help but create them. It does not take some kind of effort; just share a couple of news per week. So busy and try to do your best.

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7) Enter your website in the local directory

Local SEO

In Local SEO subscribe to directories is an activity that is still worthwhile to do while in the non-localized SEO is a practice now discouraged and avoided. The directories are simply portals there is possible to report its website and add it to the vast collection of the portal.

The most important directories within which you absolutely need to enter your website are as follows …

  • Yelp: Local the most important directory in the world;
  • Bing Places: Similar to Google My Business;
  • TripAdvisor: Essential if your business is a restaurant or a hotel.


Now that you’ve seen a number of “tricks” to optimize your placement on the web locally and overcome competitors; try to put them into practice immediately. Many of these tips offered are not technically difficult, and you can then try to make do and check later the improvements.

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