Local SEO: The guide for those who do business in the city

What is Local SEO?

The SEO Local or Local SEO is a very important visibility factor for companies and professionals that offer goods and services in a certain city or a certain range of action. In the design of a Local SEO plan, maximum customer cooperation is necessary in order to evaluate (precisely) what the target zone and the main service sought by the clients.

Only 19% of companies, to date, has made the optimization of their websites while maintaining a local approach. Keep in mind that the benefits derived from this, are really very high.

Generally, when we seek services, we are led to do this by entering the search engine a certain keywords. This keywords will give us different types of results, starting with the most relevant.

Local SEO Factor

Local SEOThere are many search terms made by our potential customers. Citing the example above, you could search for “Dentist Toronto”, “New York lawyer” etc. … The search engine in 99% of cases will return a set of navigation tabs, card local activities, maps, phone numbers and organic results (or the list of results usually appear in the advertising or cards).

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What benefits can bring to your business by operations Local SEO?

Local SEO

Easy to say, but not so to do!

The main benefit is to be present locally to one (or more) keywords (geographical). The relevance of the results, so staying on the first pages, depends on several factors of the website, including …

  • The length of the domain
  • The domain authority
  • The verification activity by the search engines and social channels
  • The inclusion of Rich Snippets (geographical information to be applied to the source site)
  • Entering Markup geographical segments in line with the directives Schema.org (address, phone number, zip code)
  • The site update frequency
  • Verify your ownership and location
  • Other key factors of SEO (currently over 200)

In addition, Digital Marketing Service provider CYONWO is able to optimize your site in the most appropriate manner possible, based on your business needs.

It’s very useful to know that you can also develop some campaigns online marketing locally, by selecting the geographic area, the province and the city that you want to use as “Target”.

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How to do Local SEO on a website?

Local SEO

In most cases, the Local SEO optimization is carried out and side by side code structure. It’s not about tricks and magic, but only and exclusively optimization! Every experienced webmaster knows how to include the site of their client optimizations for Local SEO, by making sure that they can be particularly useful for the user, and also for the search engine.

Basically, as I said just now, only 19% of companies felt that the Internet, or rather the Web, is a resource to be exploited. In the course right way. When the site appears in the top positions for a local search specific key win in 3: the user, the operator and the search engine.

1) The user will find exact, accurate, useful, fast and relevant.

2) The Manager will receive qualified traffic, looking for his product or his service.

3) The search engine, has done its best (through an increasingly complex and severe algorithm) by offering the best possible results.

How to do Local SEO? Simple, starting to make concrete analyzes on the research of your users at a local level. The support of an SEO firm or an SEO guide can certainly simplify this operation. You should follow the checklist for SEO Local from Moz.

Think factors Local SEO (SEO or Local) are currently more than 70! Do not keep them in the considerations is to be out of business. On this there is little to discuss.

The Local SEO is performed through your website, to be built based on a regional communication and not global. This is the first point to consider.

The SEO optimization is not a simple job. It requires effort, knowledge, expertise and time.

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“Google My Business” helps your business in the search

local search

It’s fantastic to implement. With some purely technical measures, you can place your company or your study in a feature-rich card, which can give you many benefits.

Your online business is decided by the research carried out by your potential clients. When looking for a service in a specific city, Google could bring up your business card, getting many benefits.

First can be contacted immediately on the phone, without forgetting that you can navigate with a smartphone in front of your office, to your hotel or to your store. Lately it has also implemented the “send button contact on the phone.” All data will be immediately stored in the mobile device. A step forward not just!

Google My Business must always be combined with a professional page Google+. This service allows users to be able to review your company, your hotel or your studio, making clear to your prospects a strong “confidence signal.”

The Trust should never miss such a serious company!

Google My Business is a secure tool that help you set the best, making you achieve better local visibility possible.

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How to implement a strategy of Local SEO?

Local SEO

The first step, priority, is to precisely analyze these factors …

  1. Localization of your services in a particular city or province
  2. The “request” made effective by your potential customers online, through search engines

Without this, it is absolutely necessary to focus all efforts on a solid plan of Local Marketing through a solid and reliable online presence.

Tangible results you can then obtain …

  1. In the immediate future: through a paid campaign variable amount. The budget may be decided from time to time, based on the results obtained.
  2. In the medium term (3-6 months) through continuous action optimization, monitoring and updating of your website.
  3. In the long term (1 year / 1 year and a half) through constant updates, shares, and organic marketing campaigns.

It is very useful to know that it is not enough to enter the code, do magic or use unfair practices, as these actions only would get little results (if not all nulled).

Every Local SEO operation, online marketing and optimization, must be consistently followed in perfect symbiosis with the customer. Your philosophy should focuses mainly on the reliability and trust, obtained by continuous efforts and updates.


A good local presence is sure help for your business. It is therefore necessary that you perceive your online presence through your website, as an investment for the future. Creating an effective website, perform local SEO optimization and Local Marketing can revolutionize the way you do business.

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