Local SEO Optimization For Local Searches: 6 Key Tips For Businesses and Brands

Today most of online search is geolocated and companies that want to be found by internet users need to make local SEO optimization a priority.

But! How important is the geolocated SEO?

According to the study …

“88% of consumers doing a search for a local business, then calling it or visiting it personally in the next 24 hours. In other words, having geolocalized research has a strong rate of generation of new sales opportunities.”

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1) Implement local SEO optimization on your website

Local SEO OptimizationThe first step is to select a few keywords and use them best for your site. To determine which keywords are most used by those looking for activities like yours, you can use Google AdWords. With a simple search through the Keyword Tools, you can find useful tips on high traffic and geo localized keywords.

It’s important to let the search engine know exactly where you work and to which you are addressing, so you’ll need to include geolocalized keywords in your content. In particular, pay close attention to the titles of your pages and the meta tag description.

In addition to this, a useful hint is to enter your phone number on all pages of your site. Search engines use the phone number for localized geo positioning.

Finally, enter Google Maps showing the address and location of your business. This helps your site visitors understand where you are, but also search engines.

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2) Sign in to Google My Business

Local SEO OptimizationThe best thing you can do once you’ve successfully optimized your site as mentioned in step 1 is to Sign Up for Google My Business. Adding or asking to become the owner of an existing business card is easy.

Optimizing your profile on Google My Business is a bit more difficult. For those at the beginning, the advice is to fill in all the descriptive fields trying to use the right keywords, obviously making sure that the description is written for human beings and therefore genuine. It’s always good to include beautiful pictures as well. Finally, make sure your contact information is up to date.

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3) Use Foursquare

Local SEO OptimizationFoursquare has become a significant presence in local research. We say it is sufficiently significant that we cannot be ignored. Sign Up to Foursquare and fill out all the profile information fields, just as you did for Google Places. It encourages check-in, perhaps offering special discounts or coupons for those who visit your business the first time or for the first customer who checks every day, etc.

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4) The reviews

Local SEO OptimizationReview sites are some of the best positioned and consumer-oriented in the internet landscape. This means they offer a great opportunity for companies to be found by local consumers. The greater the number of reviews a company can get, the more visibility it can get online. Of course, there is no way of compelling people to write a review on your business, but a little boost can be given. Make sure your site has a link to the reviews sites and social pages. Also add those links to your signature that you use in emails, invoices, correspondence, flyers, or brochures you distribute around.

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5) Create fresh content

Local SEO OptimizationSearch engines favor sites that offer frequent upgrades to their content. This means that if your site remains the same for months you will not be able to get good results from a placement point of view. The best way to have ever-new content is to create a corporate blog and consistently insert new content. Of course, this blog should be on the corporate site and not on a site itself.

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6) Do not forget the DEVICES

Local SEO OptimizationStatistics show that around 65% of all local searches come from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This means that local SEO optimization must be particularly attentive to the mobile aspect of the site.

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Local SEO optimization is something that companies cannot escape, especially if they want to hope to get in touch with new local customers eager to buy your products and services. How much is written in this article is the abc of how much you have to do. A fundamental starting point!


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