How Long It Takes To Reach The First Page Of Google

How long does it take to position on the first page of Google? It is an absolutely key question for anyone involved in SEO positioning. A question certainly raised by each customer and which has to confront the SEO specialist in performing daily activities.

In fact, it is impossible to give a general answer to this question. They are in fact myriad factors to consider when it performs positioning SEO activities. The SERP are not equal, some are more affordable, other highly competitive and demanding.

First Page Of GoogleThe search results geolocated for example, as you might guess, have an average level of difficulty in terms of positioning, certainly lower than national or international.

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If, therefore, it is impossible to definitively answer the question about what it takes to position itself first page of Google, a recent Ahrefs study provides some interesting insights about. The study focuses in particular on the time factor defined as the age of the pages.

SEO Positioning and age of pages and domains

The Ahrefs study used a sample of 2 million keywords chosen at random, focusing on the top ten positions in Google search results. The results showed how the SERP in question appear dominated by pages with more years of age.

First Page Of Google

As evident from the graph, the average in terms of seniority of the pages present in the top 10 Google results is more than 2 years of age. Those who finish in first position after almost three years of age.

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In general, the research shows that only 22% of the pages created within a year, currently ranks in first page of Google. As the coveted page is a deal for young people, it is further shown by the following graph.

First Page Of Google

How much time is needed to achieve optimal ranking?

Some ideas to answer this question are provided in the following graph Ahrefs. The graph is the result of the study of 2 million new pages chosen to sample and identified in the course of last year.

Only the 5.7% of the studied pages fails within a year to position itself in the first page of Google. As you can see by the words high search volume key performance further down (only 0.3% for the keywords with the highest search volume).

First Page Of Google

As is known, the SEO placement also depends on the authority of the domain that hosts the new pages (which identify the different tools on the market in a different way). Authoritative domains are able to place new pages in much easier way. Nevertheless, the study offers interesting insights in terms of seniority of pages and positioning.

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The research can be drawn further confirmation of how SEO is an activity of long term (one aspect actually often not easy to make people understand), at least for the SERP and the most competitive keys.

This activity, however, requires strategy (first), a steady job, skills and technical knowledge. Ultimately, it is these elements that make the difference on the final result (excluding the use of a series of tricks getting harder and especially risky in the long run).

With a careful strategy and hard work, it is not inconceivable to be able to be 5.7% among those “fortunate” pages that can reach quickly, the coveted top ten positions in Google results.

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