Top SEO strategy: how to plan it from scratch

The SEO strategy is key if you are looking to gain visibility on the Internet. Discover in this interview with Roberto Gorraiz, CEO of, all the steps to take to build a successful SEO strategy.

Today more than ever, gaining visibility on the internet is key to any marketing and sales strategy that seeks to connect, attract and convert.

To achieve this, search engine positioning plays a leading role whose mission is to reach the top positions in Google and get visits that end up becoming leads and, above all, sales.

For this reason, with this article interview, we have proposed to guide you to climb positions thanks to a successful SEO strategy. Can you eat with us?

The FAQs of every good SEO strategy

Effective SEO strategy

If you already have some knowledge of digital marketing, the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will sound familiar to you.

In that case, surely you are aware that now it is no longer enough to be on the internet. But that you have to appear in Google if not the first, of the first.

This constant struggle to appear at the top of the first page of Google has become more complicated. As its algorithm has become more intelligent and has focused on the user.

This means that SEO is always in constant evolution and that it is so important to have a strategy that matches the brand or company that it positions.

About this, and much more, Roberto Gorraiz, CEO of the digital marketing agency specializing in web positioning And professor of ASO positioning within our Master of Marketing and Digital Sales, talks to us.

How To Work Seo?

The main legs of SEO are SEO on pages, content marketing, and link building. Which must always be aligned with the global strategy in order to achieve maximum visibility.

To obtain quality results in terms of visibility with SEO, you have to work on these three lines. Be analytical and constantly improve the strategy based on data.

Through a good content marketing strategy, optimized for search engines (and for the user). It is possible to attract visits, give prestige to the brand and improve its online reputation against the competition.

For its part, link building, which consists of creating quality links to a page, is responsible for increasing the authority and relevance of the web.

Where Should I Start With My SEO Strategy?

If it is an existing web project, the first step should be to carry out an SEO audit. Which consists of an exhaustive analysis of the current web positioning and all the factors on page and off the page that affect it. In this way, we can detect possible errors (in the architecture, content, links, etc.). And solve them as soon as possible, in addition to detecting new opportunities to climb positions.

In addition, as in any good third-party strategy, it is also important to start with an analysis of the competition. Knowing what their visibility is and how they have achieved it. For what keywords they position, and by what techniques, can inspire you to find the strategic keywords for a brand or to avoid blundering SEO mistakes.

What Is The Worst Mistake That Can Be Made In An SEO Strategy?

Although it may seem strange, the worst SEO mistake is giving SEO more importance than it has. I explain:

Sometimes, conventional SEO only thinks about generating traffic and often sacrifices the brand and its reputation.

For example, for a service company that targets clients of a certain level and whose main attribute is excellence, positioning for terms such as “free” or ” low cost “, despite being able to bring traffic, does not make any sense and can be counterproductive and reduces the confidence of the target audience in the brand.

The brand is always above SEO and any digital action.

Another mistake that is made when talking about SEO is to think that it sells by itself. SEO offers visibility and organic traffic, but not sales. For this, it needs to be accompanied by a good value proposition and brand attributes capable of convincing just the right user, who reaches the website thanks to organic positioning.

In a global marketing strategy, SEO should always be a branding booster. In fact, if things are done well, it can contribute to improving brand perception. Since if a company positions itself above its competition, it is seen as more serious and more trustworthy.

An Infallible Advice For An Seo Strategy…

As I often say, the best advice can give is “use common sense and always think about offering the best possible user experience”.

Opt for naturalness and focus the strategy on adding value and not just “convincing” a search engine by repeating keywords and variations like crazy. That said, you must always apply common sense to do SEO.

The latest update to Google’s algorithm, Google Bert, prioritizes more than ever results that are truly focused on properly answering user queries.

When Are The Main Results Or Benefits Of SEO Perceived?

It is no secret for someone who has some knowledge of digital marketing, that SEO is a long-distance career.

Obtaining SEO results immediately or in the short term is not possible unless the competition is non-existent. And this does not usually happen.

On the contrary, to reach the top positions using “only SEO” with a sprint. It would be necessary to use black Hat techniques that defy search engine rules beyond what is professionally and ethically recommended, and that could also incur penalties.

In summary, to carry out an effective SEO strategy. You must think about obtaining good results just in time, be it in the medium or long term.

Who Are Your Allies In An SEO Strategy?

To guarantee maximum visibility for a project. It is essential to have all the useful information provided by SEO tools. And, of course, web analytics in order to reoptimize the strategy and improve results. It is already known that “what is not measured cannot be improved”.

Also, if you are looking for a more immediate solution to stand out on Google and achieve conversions in the short term, SEM and PPC campaigns should not be missing as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Does Any Of This Change In The World Of Apps?

ASO positioning (App Store Optimization) follows the basic principles of an SEO strategy that I have mentioned. However, it also has its own peculiarities to make an app stand out in the most popular stores, as well as helping to increase the number of downloads.

The ASO is fundamental to give visibility to an app, position it in the first positions of Google Play or App Store and improve the rate of installations, which in the end is what it is all about.

In my opinion, it is important to have some knowledge of SEO, and to understand search engines and their algorithms, in order to have a complete view of ASO. It is precisely one of the points that we deal with in the session on ASO that I teach at EDEM, where students acquire useful knowledge to propose an effective strategy themselves.

The goal of the session is for them to come away with a solid foundation and a clear idea of ​​what ASO is and how it works, why it’s worth it, and how they can get a return on investment using this technique in a world with millions of apps on the market. the stores.

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