4 Low Maintenance of Advertising Ideas

Marketing a new product or service can be an expensive part of owning and running a business. In times of economic troubles, it is a good idea to find areas where operating costs can be cut down, and it is possible to do that by changing how you advertise. Here are four low maintenance (and cost-effective) ways to advertise for your company’s products or services.


One of the most low maintenance ways to advertise your company or product is by renting billboards. Although it may seem old-fashioned in today’s technologically savvy world, billboards still get a lot of eye traffic on the sides of busy freeways, highways, and roads. Pick your spot with careful attention and you should see an increase of interest in your business.

Custom Retail Bags

If you have a retail presence, one of the easiest ways to advertise is through the use of custom retail packaging. This way when customers purchase from your store, they will do the advertising for you by showing off their shopping bag. Custom bags are easy to order online, so you won’t need to do anything but design a logo. If you primarily sell online, you can include a reusable bag if the customer hits a certain spending mark.

Social Media Influencers

Social media is a very popular way to market a new product, service, or company. In exchange for a commission fee or payment, you can hire social media influencers to create posts or stories about your company. Their followers will see the post, hopefully by the thousands, and you will have done virtually no work yourself to accomplish an advertising goal.


Sending mailers is an easy way to get the word out about your company. You can also offer incentives by printing discounts on the mailers, which will encourage customers to look at the printed material placed in their mailboxes.

Advertising doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated; try one of these new ideas today.

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