Can mobile phones be tracked?

Our modern world seems to be filled with worrying theories that can really put you into a panic. One of the most popular is that the Government and big communications firms are tracking your every move and know exactly where you are at all times. They do this through the medium of your mobile phone as if having everything you’ve looked at on the internet and Youtube recorded wasn’t wrong enough. So, when you’ve decided it’s time for a new phone or a new deal, and you’re about to go to the Vodafone Carrick-on-Shannon via King Communications to get one, what do you need to know?

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Mobile tracking technology is not a new thing. When you turn on your location marker to use GPS and Google Maps, etc., you make the phone visible. The simple answer is just to leave it off. Also, it’s not always a precise science. So the phone has to send out a signal to the nearest antenna it can find. This means that you’d only get an approximation of where the phone and the person were in an area and not pinpoint accuracy.

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The phone is always talking to an antenna somewhere, so it can work when you join a network to make a call. So it’s not harmful if you think about it. For example, location tracking software either installed knowingly or just generally occurring on the phone has meant that people who were missing or lost have been able to be found safe and sound.

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