Five washing tips to keep your hoodie looking like new

Everyone loves a hoodie. They are among the most versatile items in our wardrobe, perfect for keeping us comfortable and warm all year round. As we love them so much, it can be sad to see them fade or bobble. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your favourite hoodie, and to keep it the same size as when you bought it, follow these washing tips.

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1. Wash when it is dirty

What this means is only wash your hoodie when it is dirty. Unless you have spilt something on your hoodie, there is no need to wash it after every wear; in fact, your hoodie will fare better with less washing. Generally, the more you wash and tumble dry an item, the fast it will fade and the sooner you will notice pilling of the fabric.

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2. Turn it inside out

Protect any logos or prints on the hoodie by turning it inside out before popping it in the wash. Nothing else will rub against the logo; what’s more, this helps to prevent colours from running. As the label will tell you, wash darker colours separately and try to keep similar colours together.

3. Wash at 30

The care label will probably tell you to use a cooler wash. This is especially important if your hoodie is made of cotton, as cooler water is kinder to clothes. They don’t shrink as easily and colours are less likely to bleed. It is also kinder to the environment, as a cooler wash uses less energy.

The Spruce has more laundry tips for keeping your Lyle & Scott hoodies looking like new.

4. Choose mild detergent

Milder detergents are designed for use with delicate fabrics. Try one with colour-fast properties if your hoodie is bright.

5. Don’t make rookie errors

For all the advertisements, fabric softener can make your clothes less absorbent over time and harder to wash effectively. Don’t overfill your washing machine, as too many items could rub and damage your clothes.

It is always best to buy a quality hoodie. Check out the range from a specialist retailer such as EJ Menswear.

Finally, a drying tip: don’t rely on a tumble dryer. If you can, dry your hoodie outside in the fresh air. This is far kinder to your hoodie and the planet.


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