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Every Webmaster and content creator endeavors for a common objective and that is increased traffic along with the better popularity of their website.

In a world of technology were concentrating on value and density of keywords is no longer enough; increasing your website’s traffic and getting it featured higher on the Google Engine is a demanding task.

Only having creative ideas and quality content is not enough; you need to do a lot more to get a higher ranking.

The increasing competition in the digital world and the call for more preemptive strategies placed creators and webmasters in a confusing state as to what more do they need to optimize their website. It wasn’t apparent since Google is yet to reveal its rating mechanism until Moz came up with Authorities, which opened gates of information for users. Keep reading sites like omegle.

What are Authorities?

Authorities are essential metrics. Though Google does not claim to recognize or use them while ranking the site officially, they are the best option that is closely related to the rating structure.

The two central authorities concept proposed by MOZ were Domain Authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA). Both of these are dependent on several factors that are related to your website.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority (DA) is essentially a search engine position mark established by Moz that foretells how high a specific site would sort on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

A DA score can vary from 0 to 100. A higher score demonstrates a better ability to achieve a higher rating on the SERPs.

Domain Authority score is assessed by appraising various factors, such as relating root domains and the number of complete links. All of these factors are taken into consideration and formulated into a single DA score.

The score is an excellent demonstration of your website’s current standing. It can be used to improve your site in several ways. One important thing regarding the DA score is that it is continuously updated. So if you have a score of 50 today, after a month, if you make constant efforts for improvements, you can achieve a higher score.

A higher score results in your site achieving a better ranking on Google pages; hence it leads to increased traffic and a boost in the reputation of your website. People prefer visiting places that rank higher on Google search engines. Therefore, it is compulsory to continually focus on the factors that will aid you in getting a more significant spot.

Improving the Domain Authority score

The first thing that you need to focus on if you want to increase the DA score of your site is the name of your domain. You need to select a name that corresponds with your plans. It needs to express evidently what your website is based upon, so the visitor finds exactly what it seeks.

SEO is a substantial factor for both the domain authority (DA) and the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). So to improve the DA score, you need to ensure that you optimize all on-page SEO content, comprising of title tags, image alt tags, etc.

Backlinks are critical and a critical factor in increasing the authority scores of your site.  You need to compose linkable content. To receive high-grade links from various domains, which are considered by both MozTrust and MozRank as vital features, you need to produce exceptional content that is circulated regularly.

External links are not the only thing that you need to mainly focus on, as internal linking also plays an important role. Most of the people get so concerned about external linking that they often overlook this factor. Internal links assist in directing the audience to precisely what they are searching for, thus enhancing their customer experience.

Best Domain Authority checkers Online

Moz has set down its method of calculating authority. Many websites have copied it and developed its tool for calculating the Domain Authority score.

Though, it is mindful to remember that since sites have copied, it doesn’t mean that all have executed a perfect tool for calculating it. Given the importance of these metrics, you need a tool that is both accurate and updated regularly.

We Have compiled some of the best tools for the purpose available online:-


Moz first came up with the metrics. It also introduced a tool for calculating them, although there are different versions of it. The more advanced and sophisticated tool remains available for paid members online; there is a simple version free that can be accessed online.

To find the DA score of a website, you would have to insert the URL in the search bar of the engine. It is pretty easy and ideal for beginners who are developing their blogs. Once you have entered the link, it calculates the score along with other information, which includes the linking domain, inbound links, and ranking keywords. It furthermore shows graphs to express the discovered and lost linking domains, metrics over time, and other quality information.

Moz is ideal for someone striving to take their domain on the first few ranks as it is one of the most accurate and continuously updated tools available.


The also offers a Domain Authority checker tool online. The tool is entirely free, although there is a paid membership available for broader operation. The PrePostSEO DA PA checker is a bulk authority checker with the ability to calculate the metrics of up to 500 links at once. Paid users, the site is planning to further increase the limit to 1000.

To find the metric, you have to paste the URLs of each domain on a separate line. IT will present you with detailed results within minutes. The final report comprises of the Domain Authority score, Page Authority score, Domain Age, Spam Score, IP address, Google indexed pages, and linking root domains.

The tool also gives users the option of downloading the entire file. The feature is particularly important for someone who is looking to keep a record of the progression.

PrePostSEO remains the favored choice for thousands of users around the world.

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