Laminate flooring gives you a wider choice of styles and colours than other more expensive alternatives

Being a synthetic material, laminate flooring offers you a much wider choice of styles and colours than other more expensive alternatives. A professional, reputable and experienced company such as can offer you not only great advice on your flooring options but a wide variety of colours and styles as well as a range of 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring options. Their laminate is sourced from all over the world, so they can offer you the best quality and the most cost-effective product they can find.  Laminate is made up of four or five different layers called the Wear, the Decor, the Core and the Backer that are expertly sealed together to make it extremely durable.  The Décor layer which contains a printed image can recreate the look of much more expensive types of flooring such as stone or wood.

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This Decor layer is protected by the top clear, Wear layer, the third layer is called the Core and is the impact resistant layer then a high-density layer and finally a Backer making the finish feel comfortable to walk on.  The huge benefit of laminate flooring is the extensive range of colours, and styles and the variety of effects that can be achieved.

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Fabulous, hardwearing and easy to maintain laminate flooring that looks good for years to come, achieved at a very cost-effective price and offering a diverse and spectacular range of options of colours and styles.

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