Studio Secrets – 5 Effective Strategies For Marketing A New Yoga Studio

Online yoga really had its moment during 2020, but now, as many communities and countries push through to a post-pandemic life, being around others practicing yoga in person is a welcome return to normality. With that in mind, there’s a market out there for your new yoga studio, the question is, how do you tap into it?

These five effective strategies will help you get lots of interest in your new yoga studio:

1. Offer Social Media Giveaways

It is a good idea to get your social media up and running as soon as possible as it is a great way to advertise your studio. Yoga is incredibly popular on Instagram especially, so it is an easy way to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Once you have your social media pages set up, you will want to engage with your followers. An easy way to do this is to get them to enter their information for giveaways using custom promotional products. Not only does that get the name of your studio into their life for all their friends to see, but it also gives you their information to keep them updated with offers and news from the studio.

2. Get Out To Get People In

Getting out to do free yoga in the park or on the beach with clear studio signage is a great way to let people know you exist. Attending wellness shows and health fairs will also put you in front of an attentive audience.

It is also worth creating online events to help keep things rolling in case of COVID-19 restrictions or general event nervousness. Around 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward because of their benefits.

3. Be Informative & Responsive

We all like the convenience of finding out everything we need to know at the click of a button, and that includes customers wanting to find a yoga studio nearby. The more customers have to work for information, the more likely they will quickly search elsewhere.

When customers want to contact you, make it easy. Offer quick inquiry forms, engage on social media, and respond to any inquiries you get. You might also want to consider a click-to-call option, which 60% of smartphone users take advantage of when researching a business online.

4. Be Visible

As a new studio in town, you need to be visible. As well as excellent physical signage letting people know your whereabouts, you have to be seen online. Social media, as we mentioned above, is imperative. You should also make sure your website and blogs are ranking and being seen by potential customers. Research has revealed that 93% of all online activities start with a search engine, so if you aren’t being seen when somebody searches for a yoga studio in your area, you’re missing lots of potential business.

5. Partner With Local Businesses

When you have a physical space in a specific location, you can tap into the customer bases of other local businesses. Think carefully about businesses that would be happy to put flyers and cards out advertising your studio. You should also consider incentives for them to mention you to their customers.

Consider looking for these kinds of businesses in your local area:

  • Holistic health centers
  • Beauty and massage parlors
  • Gyms that don’t offer their own yoga classes
  • Personal trainers
  • Natural decor shops
  • Vegan & health shops
  • Relaxation centers
  • Healthy cafes
  • Community centers

The tips above can help you get your yoga studio seen by customers who will be excited to use your facilities. With creativity and perseverance, you’ll be on the map in no time.

Photo: Carl Barcelo/Unsplash

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