How to run a successful google adwords campaign?

Google AdWords is the essential tool of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), one of the leading destinations of companies’ budgets that want to have an online presence and appear in the first positions of Google inorganically. In this way, companies seek to take advantage of users’ intentionality when searching to transform it into a conversion on their site. If you are interested in it for your business, pay attention to the following article in which we show you the steps on how to run a successful Google AdWords campaign.

How to run a successful Google AdWords campaign?

The first step to running a campaign on Google AdWords is to get an AdWords promotional code so that the beginning of your campaign is free. To do this, you must register on the following Google page.

how to run a successful google adwords campaign

Step 2:

Something fundamental in Google AdWords is the structure of search engine campaigns. They must perfectly adjust to the vital business variables for each ton to control them and manage budgets appropriately. It is recommended that you take a pencil and paper or use a whiteboard to define in detail the structure that your campaign will present.

Step 3:

In addition to an exhaustive analysis of your website, something essential for the campaign to be successful is to search for keywords relevant to your business. A thorough keyword research will be necessary to achieve an adequate return on investment (ROI). To make the process easier, you can use the Google AdWords tool that you will find at this link.

Step 4:

It is also essential that you go little by little and do not skip any steps. Take into account that AdWords is a very complete and complex tool, and for your campaign to be successful you must first create it with few keywords and grow progressively and in a controlled way.

Step 5:

The landing pages ( landing pages ) on which we launch campaigns directly influence on investment in SEM, and therefore must be optimized. There are tools that can help you achieve it in an easier way, such as the A / B or multivariate test.

Step 6:

The location of your business , that is, the country, region or city in which you want it to be published, is something that you must take into account and decide; later, you will also have to do it with the different networks and devices, it is likely that you want to publish it in all the networks or only in one, as well as for mobile phones.

In addition, you must decide how much to pay the host of your ad for each click that your visitors make on it since when advertising is placed on a blog it is necessary to commit to not clicking on it or making others do it, it must be voluntary. You usually pay 0.25 euros per click (CPC, cost per click). It is also necessary that you define a daily budget , that is, you do not want to spend more than 5 euros a day, for example. It is advisable to program the start date and the end date, and in this way it will be published every day at all hours by default.

Step 7:

Google AdWords mobile campaigns. Currently, mobile traffic is growing at very significant rates, so it is convenient to create campaigns oriented to this type of device with shorter messages and landing pages optimized for mobile browsers.

Step 8:

Generate multiple ads and change them. Each campaign must have at least 2 text ads, which have to be changed every month or every 3 weeks, which is the estimated lifetime of an ad. In any case, if there are ads that do not lose CTR (click-through percentage) effectiveness, you can leave them longer, the good thing about Google AdWords is that it gives you a lot of information and you can make decisions based on reliable and real data.

Step 9:

Use the limitation of hours in the campaigns and separate the search campaign from the content campaign, you must generate two different campaigns since the type of keywords that you have to place is different. Take into account that content campaigns must have more generic words than search ones.

Use the AdWords tools that they offer from the platform for keywords and for follow-ups. Be very vigilant about negative terms in our AdWords campaigns, and remove them because if we have a lot of impressions and few clicks, our ad will lose quality and the clicks it gets will be very expensive. Please do not put the same AdWord ad for search network as for display, they are not the same sites; therefore, different ads.

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