About the use of search engines and social networks

Not so long ago, when users wanted to get closer to a product, a reality, a piece of news, a character… we went exclusively to search engines. But the habits of Internet users have changed and many people, especially the new generations, tend to separate, depending on the search, the platform on which they want to find such information, especially social networks.

The studies carried out to date leave no doubt that search engines continue to be the basis of the Internet and user searches, but they also show data in which the distances between the two are shortened, especially for Millennials, who consider networks their second home, and that they are already able to choose the “correct” platform according to the search they are going to carry out. Here are some conclusions about it:

  • News is the main search on Twitter and Facebook for Millennials, according to the Media Insight Project study, as well as the most varied topics: culture, events, celebrities, television, but also local entertainment, restaurants… leisure, in short.
  • Regarding the search for products, search engines continue to be the first source to find general information, in first contact.
  • The latest IAB study on Social Networks in Spain states that for 62% of users the opinions of third parties they find on social networks influence their purchase decision.
  • In them, they not only look for the information provided by users but also that generated by the brand itself.
  • Millennials are in charge of tracking these platforms in search of offers and discounts to benefit from when buying.
  • In addition, the social activity of brands also provides added value for users, who trust them more if they have active social profiles.

How should brands take this into account?

It has been said ad nauseam that social networks (in terms of marketing) are not for selling, but for recommending and listening to the users/customers of our products. Taking this into account and that an excellent social media strategy also helps search engine positioning, it is essential for a brand to work on social channels.

The conclusion, while waiting to see how the behavior of new Internet users evolves, is to work on a solid social media strategy and execution that lives up to our brand, is capable of generating helpful content, listening to and understanding our customers, and being responsive.

Two news that brings social networks and search engines closer

These needs of users and brands are further reinforced if we echo two latest news: if on the one hand, Facebook has bought a search engine for products, and on the other, Google is working to incorporate it (it has already done so in the United States) a rating in the product search. Both platforms improve the search and evaluation experience, getting closer and narrowing the distance that separates them.

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