How drain lining works

Our drain networks are incredibly complex and sophisticated. They not only allow us to have fresh, clean running water but they also remove dirty water and human waste products from our homes. This allows us to live in relatively hygienic and sanitary conditions. In western society we are incredibly lucky to have these types of systems as it means that we are not plagued by some of the diseases and conditions that affect the developing world. It is one of the factors that have led to us being much healthier and longer living than our ancient counterparts.

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When problems occur with drains and sewers, they need to be repaired quickly. In the past, large areas of ground would need to be dug up, just to find the problem and then weeks of disruption would occur in the local area whilst the problem was fixed.

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Nowadays we have the benefit of more modern technologies such as CCTV and the repair methods used by Drain Lining Bracknell companies such as can repair drains much quicker and with much less disruption.

Drain lining is a way in which a second internal pipe is fitted to a section of broken or cracked pipe that then allows the water to flow freely through it. Whilst the pipe circumference will decrease ever so slightly it means that repairs can take place without large disruption to local communities and at a fraction of the cost that would be expected with a full excavation.

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