Creative Advertising: Ideas For A Creative Approach To Marketing

Today, our consumer market is full of the same type of proposals, as well as ways to advertise. The only thing that can “catch” the buyer is creative advertising moves. That is why creativity in advertising directly affects the indicators of marketing effectiveness and profitability of entrepreneurial activity. The conclusion is one: creative advertising is one of the main elements of the entire marketing program.

Creative advertising is a term in modern marketing, consisting of two concepts …

  • Advertising: These are various forms of dissemination of non-personalized information with the use of any means and techniques aimed at increasing the attracted interest in a particular object, as well as maintaining attention from the target audience.
  • Creative: A term widely used by advertisers in the 90s of last century. It is based on the creation. In fact, the creative is an idea in the broadest sense of the word.

Proceeding from this, creative advertising is creativity used to promote an object in the consumer market and maintain a loyal attitude towards it with the use of unique methods, unconventional concepts and non-template models. have you seen skype stratagy?

Encouraging consumers to consciously or unconsciously choose the advertised offer is the main objective of creative advertising.

Creative Advertising

The concept of “creativity” has a framework that distinguishes it from the definition of “creation” …

1) Creativity does not mean creativity, inspired by the writer’s inspiration; it corresponds to a clear direction to the goal advertised by the advertiser. Creative activity in marketing is always guided by knowledge, for whom, for what and why this advertising product is created.

2) Creativity in advertising is based on the conscious receipt of any effect using the techniques of contemporary art, giving the advertised object the desired character.

3) Creative advertising affects the choice of the consumer through the use of memorable, non-standard, unique, non-template ideas.

4) The main task, which is solved by the use of creative advertising in the marketing program, is the formation in the subconscious of the consumer of the bright image with which the advertised product or service is associated. This method is carried out by using non-standard texts, slogans and unusual media elements in the advertising product.


On such creative advertising the look always stops, it is remembered and often becomes the subject of discussions. Sometimes it even shocks! The distinctive feature of such pseudo-creative advertising moves is that they do not cause associations with any product, in other words, a person does not remember what exactly they offered in this advertisement. These decisions do not affect the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and do not contribute to the profit of the company-advertiser.

A pseudo-creative advertising product exists separately from the proposed facility. Often the authors of such products “advertise” their own creativity at the expense of the advertiser.

Creative Advertising

Types Of Creative Advertising: From Online Games To Public Toilets

Stand out in the general advertising flow, break through the “advertising noise” and increase the effectiveness of the campaign at the lowest cost will help the application of achievements in the field of non-traditional advertising approaches.

The following creative types of advertising are divided …

  • Standard
  • Non-standard

There is a classification of creative advertising by type of promotion …

  • Outdoor
  • Interactive
  • Interior
  • TV advertising

By type of advertising objects is divided into …

  • Advertising of goods
  • Advertising services

Creativity can be traced in the following types of advertising

1) Creative advertising on the subjects of the street landscape (benches, lanterns, urns, garbage cans, asphalt)

Creative Advertising

A vivid example of this approach is the image on the asphalt of footprints going to the advertised object. This method is relevant for shops, service centers, cafes and other places and is not costly.

2) Creative advertising on fences

Creative Advertising

Large and memorable images in inaccessible places (for example, on a fence along the railway tracks) attract special attention. They are aimed not so much at the attention of urban residents, but rather at the views of hundreds of travelers who remember such a picture.

3) Creative outdoor advertising on balloons and airplanes

Creative Advertising

Such creative advertising of services and goods is gaining increasing popularity at mass events. Advertising images can be in the form of a logotype placed on the surface of the unit, “fly” on tapes with inscriptions attached to an air vehicle. Especially memorable is the moment when a crowd admiring the balloon from the top pours a lot of colored flyers with advertisements.

4) Advertising on / in public toilets

Creative Advertising

Creative outdoor advertising on the doors of this public place not only surprises, but also for a long time is remembered. Place the emblem and the slogan of your company on the public toilet door, and people who are standing in line or inside this room will always have something to read.

5) Creative advertising in retail places

Creative Advertising

Points of trade – the very place for creative advertising. Use bright images of celebrities or popular songs that sound in the sales area. There is no doubt that this will attract the precious attention of people.

6) Advertising on the body of a person with a creative approach

Creative Advertising

An example of this kind of advertising are people, “live mannequins”, standing in glass cases and dressed in clothes with a logo or company name.

7) BTL shares

Creative Advertising

Particularly effective in promoting a product or service are BTL-actions. One of the options for holding a BTL-action is a sociological survey, during which several times the advertised product is mentioned and its main consumer characteristics are spoken out. Another creative idea of advertising is the free distribution of related products (for example, 3D glasses, if the company sells modern TVs with a 3D image function).

8) The use of incompatible in one advertising product

Creative Advertising

Such an advertising move, as the distribution of leaflets in crowded places, is familiar to many entrepreneurs: people are not very willing to take advertising materials. But if you approach this from the other side and give the leaflet strongly recommend not to take them, the majority of people will be interested to take into consideration all the information stated on the advertising medium.

9) Creative advertising on pets

Creative Advertising

So, to one souvenir shop in Jaipur (India) customers are called to look at a trained goat with an unusual coat color. No tourist can pass by the amusing “seller”. Yes, this store is always ahead of the sales of its competitors!

10) Using the 25th frame

Creative Advertising

For effective advertising, even prohibited practices are not a verdict. Everyone knows the 25th frame, which affects the human subconscious, is still used by some companies. Do not forget that the use of subliminal impact is prohibited in many countries.

11) Non-standard creative advertising in the media

Creative Advertising

Examples of non-standard approach in advertising: the product is advertised on a special additional cover of the magazine or on a separate insert, with the liner differing in the quality of the paper, due to which the magazine opens exactly in the place of the liner. A sample of the product passed into the printed edition (smashed with a cream, a bag of coffee, a discount card, CD-disk, etc.)

Non-standard approach in advertising is visible on non-native media …

  • Disks (computer, music, etc.)
  • Calendars
  • Thermometers
  • Wall posters in doctors’ offices, in hairdressing salons, in service centers)
  • Free magazines in waiting areas
  • Posters attached to airplanes, helicopters, airships
  • Aroma marketing
  • Laser inscriptions and drawings in the sky and on buildings

12) Creative advertising in the Internet space

Creative Advertising

To date, this type of advertising outperforms many traditional methods of promoting goods and services in terms of efficiency. For its short existence, advertising on the Internet has acquired various forms and types and continues to develop rapidly. Examples of Internet marketing are: blogs, online diaries, splogs (site-blog, created to promote third-party sites, the place of redirection of visitors traffic), advertising in social networks, teaser advertising, etc.

13) Cross advertising

Creative Advertising

Promoting your offer through the banner networks, you have a high probability that the advertised product will simply be lost in the flow of information laid out by competing companies. Specialists of the advertising agency that proposed this approach noticed that the conversion of unique cross-banner ads is significantly higher than the same indicator for promotion through advertising sites.

14) Viral advertising

Creative Advertising



Viral marketing is gaining increasing popularity among advertising techniques in the Internet space. This type of advertising is all known in everyday life “word of mouth”: the information sent in view of its interest extends from one Internet user to another. The wider the circle of distribution of the advertising module, the more effective the advertising campaign will be.

15) Creative Advertising with videos

Creative Advertising

Short video files with ridiculous or shocking content that contain advertising information are increasingly being used as a tool for viral marketing. Here the main thing is not to overdo it and not to become a “pseudo-creative”.

16) Creative advertising through the services of search engines

Creative Advertising

Interesting creative advertising from one of the search engines: the media-context network Google offers everyone to use the service ClicktoCall, which allows you to contact customers with organizations in the absence of the latter’s own site. To call a company, a person will simply need to click the link.

17) Online games

Creative Advertising

Advantages of this type of advertising are the unobtrusive promotion of goods during a computer game. The enthusiastic player does not notice how well-known brands are accompanied by the entire gameplay. An example of such effective advertising is the interpenetration of the real life of the player and its virtual actions: to restore the vital forces of the hero you need to “eat” a hamburger or to empty a soda can of a well-known brand, while the hero of the game moves on a car of a popular brand,

18) Direct mailing

Creative Advertising

Today, the Internet is full of services offering to send out a commercial offer on personal e-mail mailboxes. When using this type of advertising, do not forget that the distribution by the subscribers who agree to it is much more effective than spam. The subscription can be collected by any method (attraction to an interesting information resource, application of the landing page, questioning, etc.). Having disclosed the information on the company’s pricing policy, one can get an additional item in the buyer’s loyalty, because it will not need to spend time searching for the value of the interest Product or service.

In the end, creative advertising is creativity used to promote an object in the consumer market and maintain a loyal attitude towards it with the use of unique methods, unconventional concepts and non-template models.

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Creative Advertising: Ideas For A Creative Approach To Marketing

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