Direct Mail, Advertising in Mailboxes

Effective coverage of the general public or a particular group of people through advertisements in the press or in Internet advertising is not always achievable or expedient. Site audit allows you to conduct analytical activities in all areas. Perhaps you need to set out a very long story, perhaps you know from experience that people respond better to coupons that qualify for a discount, and not on coupons included in ads that you still need to remember to cut. Or maybe you just want to emphasize that your appeal is purely personal.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising

For these and many other reasons, you may decide to either study the use of advertising publications distributed by principle in each house, or resort to direct mail advertising (direct mail). Each of these methods has its own specific advantages, and before deciding which is better, one should carefully weigh all the arguments, and in some cases, it may be worthwhile to make comparative measurements of the corresponding costs and results achieved, but in many cases it is correct to solve, which way is most likely to be better, ordinary common sense will help you.

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Direct Mail Flyers of mass distribution can be used to pinpoint certain groups of the population, when the main factors are territorial factors or type of property. It is just as easy for this advertising medium to cover many different categories of the population. With the help of these and similar methods, it is possible to fairly accurately identify and cover specific groups of potential buyers or, conversely, to ensure full coverage of towns, cities and larger territories. If you wish, you can include coupons and even product samples in the mailing list.

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Direct Mail Advertising sent by mail has such distinctive features as: high audience selectivity, flexibility, absence of competitors’ advertising in postal items, personal character, but relatively high cost, image of junk. Well, advertising distributed by principle to each house has certain advantages over advertising sent by mail: envelopes are not needed, you do not need to write down the address, invest items and pay postage, and the exact delivery date can be combined in time with the propaganda program.

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Direct Mail Today your advertising can be delivered by postmen. Advertising leaflets work most effectively when their distribution is part of a comprehensive program. But, advertising, distributed by principle to each house has its own drawback, in the minds of many this type of information dissemination is associated with ill-fated word advertising, which is often used in a dismissive sense, otherwise this property can be called trash.


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