What makes you a bad salesman

Today there can be many wrong attitudes when making a sale. Therefore, you must know what the attitudes that make you a bad salesperson are. What makes you a bad salesman? To identify them, you must bear in mind that a seller not only promotes a product but also studies it, must be up-to-date and, above all, must love their work.

The positive attitude that a salesperson has is a key piece for them to achieve their objectives. That will allow you to offer anything from something simple to something colossal. If you develop that skill, you will attract many customers who want to satisfy their need to buy.

What makes you a bad salesman?

Consider what attitudes you can avoid to achieve your goals as a salesperson.


Inexperience can make you see your goals as a big wall. In order to be sure of what you offer to your clients, acquire the necessary knowledge to talk about your product, specifically if doubts arise in your clients. If you don’t show interest, people won’t see anything interesting in what you do either.


If you make a distribution of your products, you must have a specific date for delivery, set a time and comply. If you don’t comply with the arrangement, you won’t be trustworthy. Customers will always look for more responsible options, and default differs from being that type of seller.

Not knowing the product

If you leave your customers with doubts regarding the product you are offering, it will not only be a valid reason not to buy it. They will also notice that you reflect a total lack of professionalism in this field as a seller. The experience and training you receive are essential to advertise your articles or services.

Lack of attention

Many think that your opinion of how they see your product is more than enough. This is one of the attitudes that make you a bad salesperson. Not knowing how to capture your customers’ ideas, their needs or the characteristics of how they want their product will indicate that you are not the right person to obtain what they are looking for.

Attitudes that will make you a great salesperson

To not make the same mistakes, you must be willing to improve and adapt your presentations to your clients’ needs. Keep in mind some attitudes that attract customers.


To sell a product, you must positively see things. This way, you will infect your client so that their interest increases when buying what you offer.


If you want to be one of the best sellers, giving up quickly is not the right way. Make an effort to present your product and do not slow down at any point in the process.


Most buyers think that sellers are liars and just want to get out of the product. But if you offer a quality service, you can maintain long-term working relationships since they will notice your honesty and that the company is safe.

To be successful as a salesperson, you need to consider the attitudes that make you a bad salesperson. If you can identify your customers’ needs and reflect good attitudes, your chances of being the star seller will be closer and closer.

Why do salespeople have a very bad end?

First of all, you need to understand that it’s natural and legitimate for customers to lie to sellers. They don’t do it with bad intentions or because they are angry with you. They do so with a view to self-defense from the sales tactics they have been exposed to over the years.

They know very well that many salespeople attend sales courses to convince them to buy and make decisions and they know that those techniques (although obsolete in Italy) work in their own way. Whenever they choose to make an appointment for you Tuesday at 10 am or Thursday at 11 is, they know they fell for it.

With each new salesperson who calls them over the years, they get a little better at retorting the same sales techniques. So how do they respond in this case?

Essentially in two ways. Some press you by saying, “Tell me quickly. I only have five minutes to dedicate to you . “Others, on the other hand, are polite by sidetracking. I have heard very good things about your company. Explain this product to be better.

Stop for a moment to think. How many times have you encountered such initial situations in negotiations? If you don’t get off the soap mountain of Mars, it probably happens to you all day, every day.

This is because the customer knows that the more he talks, the more he will reveal information about himself that the seller could use to his advantage to manipulate him.

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