How to change Twitter handle for your business improvement

Finally, you have opened a Twitter account to communicate your thoughts and impressions to the world, or simply follow interesting people and stay informed. Of course, that is very good, but currently, social networks weigh heavily, becoming more and more tools that reflect your tendencies and opinions on important topics, showing a reflection of your personality, whether you want it or not. That is why it is important that this space is personalized and looks like you or your company. Discover how to change twitter handle.

How to change twitter handle?

  1. It is quite easy to start. Go to your profile and then press the option “edit profile.”
  2. Choose the profile tab. There you can choose your avatar or image that will appear on Twitter, your location, place your website. This information will appear on the profile, and you will also have the opportunity to link Twitter to Facebook. Remember that the information you provide about yourself or your company in the biography will be an important guide for those who visit your account, so take the time to think about what you want to communicate
  3. Then go to the “design” tab, there you will find 19 themes that twitter offers, but if the idea is to customize your account, then the appropriate option is to choose in the bottom bar to change the colors of the design, where you can modify the colors for the bar side, the text and the links you place and change the background image, a step that will completely change your profile, giving it the personality you want. Now the trick is to choose a suitable photo
  4. Once you have found the perfect image that conveys the message you want to communicate, make sure it is 2048 pixels and that in the first 90 vertical pixels, it does not have any relevant image that you want to highlight will not be seen. Important information should be concentrated on the left side of the screen, as it will stand out the most
  5. If you follow these steps, you will successfully have a Twitter account similar to yours. What are you waiting for?

The Twitter profile is used to promote your work and hobbies, get the most out of it. Use images and colors that enhance what you want to communicate and thus increase your follower’s remember that the image sells.

Twitter for business

There are already thousands of companies that are using Twitter, but many companies wonder how to use Twitter to take advantage of and promote my services and products? You follow to the letter. You will be able to take advantage of your Twitter account and promote your company on social networks.

Use Twitter Search to find out what is being said on Twitter about your brand or company. Imagine that you arrive on Twitter and people are talking badly about your company. The first thing to do is to manage these complaints and get in touch with them quickly. On Twitter, a complaint can turn into a bomb if you don’t stop it in time.

Start small, replying to all retweets with a thank you and following the person who did it to you. You need your company’s Twitter to gain relevance and more to have more followers every day.

Keep up the tweeting rhythm at least once a day, use software capable of scheduling tweets you cannot attend to your account on a daily basis. Do not give the impression that your Twitter account is abandoned. That would be like one day you do not open your store or your company. Every day you must work on the presence of your company on Twitter.

Even if you represent a company, the “human factor” is very important on Twitter. Use direct and close language.

Create viral campaigns to spread your brand through virtualization to the contact networks of your followers. Think of campaigns as “entertaining” or highly convenient for the user, and these will be quickly disseminated for the benefit of your business.

Not only do you tweet advertising of your company since then, but your followers will also get tired of you. Combine information about your company with market information and open questions to generate discussion about your company or the sector.

The best days to launch messages and campaigns about your company on Twitter are Wednesday and Thursday. People are more predisposed and active on the internet.

Use existing hashtags in your tweets to identify them with a certain topic, or create your own hashtags to promote a product or a certain activity of your company.

Not for much tweeting is a greater presence, it is better to generate quality tweets versus quantity, think that you are playing the image of your company on Twitter and it is important that it is good at all times.

Think of Twitter as an important customer service tool for your company, consider that its instantaneous nature has led it to become the favorite channel of customers in their communication with companies.

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