Twitter For Business: Optimize Your Local Business Activity

Twitter for business is an ideal tool to create good interactions, to chat with interesting people and create good interactions. Of course, at the beginning it is difficult to increase Twitter followers. But I assure you that once you get the pace you cannot do without the social twittering.

For many, in fact, Twitter becomes a real passion. We follow the trend topics, we follow the trends, we create and follow real discussions that sometimes end with nothing. But this is the beauty of social media: they reflect reality.

Of course, a personal profile is easy to manage. Perhaps because Twitter aligns perfectly with the informal discussion, with the conversation between friends. When do you need to use Twitter for business? When do you want to promote your company through Twitter? How do you behave? Do you have any strategies? Of the techniques? Do you make a difference between professional and personal use?

How to promote your business on Twitter?

To take care of your business with Twitter is not enough to be there, it is not enough to have a profile to get good results. This is the first rule. The second concerns a widespread attitude among company profiles: self-preferentiality. In other words, the company’s inability to do something different than suggesting its contents, its articles, its services.

Once and for all: it does not work like that. You do not just have to publish content but you have to create good relationships with your potential readers and customers. You need to take advantage of interactions to shorten distances with your interlocutors and optimize results that you cannot achieve otherwise.

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Even Twitter for business is useful for creating interactions, but there are some details to be taken care of: Here are 6 tips to bring your company and take care of your business on Twitter.

Twitter For Business

1. Maximum attention to the visual

Start from a point dear to the readers of this blog: the visual. Although Twitter offers few opportunities for personalization, it is your precise duty to take care of the aesthetics of Twitter. And align it with corporate colors. The logo must be perfectly recognizable; the header must be used to communicate useful information to customers.

2. Take advantage of the favorites

That is the stars that allow you to put in a list the content that you find useful, pleasant, interesting. Often this function is ignored or underestimated. It can actually be used to communicate with your followers and show your gratitude towards a retweet or a quote.

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3. Use images in tweets

Remember that I imagine they can give great benefits to your tweets. A study by Buffer shows that tweets with images have a higher degree of interaction than those that do not have visual content. Higher than how much? See the statistics of the article:

Tweets with images have 150% more retweets, but also 89% of favorites and 18% of clicks on the link more. Working with visual content means taking advantage of an immediate channel, and giving more information on the quality of content. One detail: create your images and always insert the brand (as did Buffer): in this way, your name will exploit the virality of the social.

4. Ask questions

People hate companies that work only on their own ego. We have done this, we have done that, we have achieved certain objectives and it is only the beginning. All right, but have you thought about using Twitter for business to ask the followers for opinions?

Involving means creating interaction, but above all communicating interest in the opinions of those who follow. Obviously to get the best results you have to aim for naturalness : you do not have to look interested, you have to be interested in the opinion of the followers.

Twitter For Business

5. Create your hashtags

That is, create words that can identify your content and group it in a single flow. Hashtags are widely used, but they must be used intelligently if you want to get good results when you use Twitter for business.

Some questions to turn to your social media expert to optimize the creation of a hashtag: is the word already used for other purposes? Is it shared by other groups and can have different meanings? Can it be misrepresented or used for easy irony? Is the brand remembered within the hashtag? It must be immediately recognizable by the followers.

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6. Attention to the tone of voice

That is, attention to the communication you want to adopt on the social network. The tone of voice represents the style chosen to interact with your audience, and is part of a wider strategy. Always considering the internal differences of the channels, the tone of voice should be linear on the different channels. But also in line with the needs of the individual public. Are you on Twitter? Reflect well on the tone of voice to keep in the tweets, and make sure that there is internal consistency (between the different tweets) and external. That is with the other channels.

Doing business with Twitter: Your Opinion

Working well with Twitter in the business sector is not easy. For this you need to practice a lot : in your opinion what are the key elements to optimize your business account? Give your opinion in the comments.


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