Local Facebook Advertising

Local Facebook Advertising allows us to reach people within a defined reach range from anywhere on a geographic map, such as your business address.

It’s a different advertisement than the other, because it finds the user locating it on the device: cellular, tablet, or laptop with location services. Unlike the classic target by location, based on what the user says about their profile information, Local Facebook Advertising target the user based on their actual physical location at a given time, with auto-localized location services on Facebook applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Local Facebook Advertising

8 Local Facebook Advertising Ads

Since launch till today, Facebook has added so many interesting features, favoring its use to many local companies. Let’s look at some of the best advertising strategies to adopt with this advertising tool, collected by Facebook on its blog.

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1) Encourage people to visit a store

Local Facebook AdvertisingUGG Australia wanted to encourage people to visit specific stores in San Francisco.

It has created popularity ads to the area and button “get directions”, inviting residents and tourists to reach the stores. Result? A return on sales of 3 times the advertising spend.

2) Increase Local Awareness

Local Facebook AdvertisingA Professional Make Up School in Los Angeles wanted to get in touch with boys aged 18 to 35 years of age with interest in makeup, who lived at home away from school.

They created popularity ads to the zone and “call now” button, inviting the kids to call the school for more information. Results? A 100% increase in lead from advertising.

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3) Let everyone know of a new store

Local Facebook AdvertisingYou can use local advertising (remember again, popularity in the area) to highlight shops or new openings to people around you.

This leads to a lower cost per view (we’ll better explain why at the end of the article), just like it did at Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores.

4) Helping outlets to reach their goals

Local Facebook AdvertisingInstead of dispersing a marketing budget across the territory, Tire Discounters has been thinking of concentrating only on retail outlets with difficulty in reaching their sales targets.

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5) Promoting an Event

Local Facebook AdvertisingLocal awareness ads can also be used to let everyone know about a nearby event, just as Hex Performance did in the example.

Here we talk about companies, but the same potential is possible for associations and organizers who want to promote evenings and events in a range of action.

6) Telling about something that is happening right now

Local Facebook AdvertisingWith ad scheduling, you can combine the power of local advertising to trigger ads in specific hours of the day and / or days of the week.

Here is the example of BarKogi, who sponsored their Happy Hour from 16 to 19.

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7) Involving a Local Community

Local Facebook AdvertisingThe Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau wanted to showcase the cultural diversity of Miami’s 17 neighborhoods to promote tourism. They used local advertising to encourage residents in each neighborhood to share photos with a hashtag.

8) Announce promotions and special offers

Local Facebook AdvertisingYou can also announce promotions in specific areas, so you can reach potential customers at a certain radius from the outlets, just as Whole Foods Market did in the example.

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Local awareness ads or local advertisements are still an inadequate tool for advertisers, enabling people to reach people within a defined range in a map.

Local Facebook Advertising is countless, and their cost is lower than other advertising goals. By referring to a local target, the ads are most likely to be interesting and targeting the right target, so they are preferable to other ads. Since the goal of the Facebook algorithm remains to show the right content to the right people, it’s clear that these ads will have a lower viewing cost.

In the examples, only two of the four call-to-action available are available: Send a Message, Call Now, Get Directions, Find Out More. The last call to action, in particular, allows you to bring users to any page on your site to provide more information and also combine the functionality of Facebook Re-targeting.


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