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How to advertise on the Internet? Maybe I’ve talked about that before, but I like to repeat the concept. The Internet is the most democratic means of communication that the most enlightened minds have gently donated to us.

How to advertise on the Internet? To support our companies and sell our products?

How do you advertise on the internet? This is what is the real dilemma of all the entrepreneurs!

From here, the idea of this mini guide designed for the aggressive entrepreneurs who want to win. It’s a set of tricks and tips to use the web (as it should) and find new customers …

1. Search engine advertising: Text, Banner or Company Ads

Advertise On The InternetIf you have a product, you believe in and you are determined to make it known to the people of the Internet, the Google Sponsored Spaces are the right answer! All you have to do is create an eye-catching ad, choose the keywords with which you’d like to find it and decide which users would like to show you your marketing campaign.

Within a couple of hours, your ad will be ready to be viewed and clicked by so many new customers. Simple and painless! Other than the money spent on advertising on radio, TV and print … With advertising on the internet, go straight to the target or by intercepting who you are looking for!

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2. Placement on Google: When “the one who gets the better home” does not work?

Advertise On The Internet

Fortunately, Google and other search engines are not supporters of “unionism” and do not assign the gold medal to the elderly. To win the race and get to the finish line, all of them play with equal weapons.

If you’re really interested in advertise on the internet, do not give it up for defeat in the face of market giants. You have all the cards in place to play it all the way down and earn the best positions on the search engines.

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3. Social Network: Your clients are not interested in the photo of your cousin’s wedding

Advertise On The Internet

Maybe you do not know (or maybe yes), it’s actually that on Facebook and other social networks, you can find new customers through dedicated sections dedicated to sponsored ads. Eh yeah, you got it right. Social Networking not only serves to publish your photos, increase your customers’ involvement, or spread family wedding photos.

For example, you can use Facebook to buy advertising space to shoot at the target that interests you (choose it by age, gender, geographic area, interests) and thus reach thousands of new customers potentially interested in buying your product.

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4. When e-mail does not only serve to invite the friendliest colleague to lunch

Advertise On The Internet

Have the courage to say that you did not do it at least once in your life! And how can you be wrong? You never managed to have your phone number … But I recall that your goal is to advertise on the internet. So let’s go back to us and see how to make “smart” use of emails.

It’s called email marketing, and is an effective tool for promoting and selling your own products.

Again, you are talking to customers who are potentially interested in your product but, unlike advertising on Google, by sending a promotional mail you are encouraging your customer to buy: a good product, graphics and well-designed texts and an aggressive promotional offer will do the rest.

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5. The blog is not the secret diary where stories of your clandestine relationship

Advertise On The Internet

Finding new customers is not one is a breeze, especially when the one who faces it is a cute, prepared user who can move on the internet and therefore has all the features to evaluate on your own, what are your competitors, who has the best offer and so on.

That’s why, if you really decide to advertise on the internet, you have to distinguish yourself.

An idea to get started? Open a corporate blog. An “all your” space where you can tell who your business is, where you show your customers how to use your products and especially where to involve your potential customers with valuable information about your industry.

Conquer your customers’ trust and stupid. This is the way.

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6. The persuasive power of videos? We are not in the movies but almost

Advertise On The Internet

Surely you already know where I want to go parade. For advertise on the internet and attracting the attention of your viewers, you should aim at video marketing.

Today, there are great websites that allow you to promote and share your movies with thousands of users. YouTube and Vimeo are an example.

True, creating a good product requires some time and resources, but the result is assured. The password? Short, impact and featuring an ad hoc soundtrack.

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7. Viral marketing is not the name of the latest influenza virus running in the office

Advertise On The Internet

When a marketing idea, beyond any logic and fantasy, is called “viral marketing action “.

That is, such action is so strong and out of all the scheme that all of them are outraged. And believe me if I tell you that there is nothing more effective than what is unexpected.

Shuffle the patterns, blend the cards on the table, look over your nose and find out how easy it is to astonish and let everyone talk about you. All you need is fantasy.


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