Natural Plant Remedies Being Used in Modern Medicine

Over the last eighteen months the pandemic has shown us how important medicine and the development and research that is done into creating new cures and treatments for diseases is. Scientists have collaborated and worked together to come up with new ways to tackle health conditions for many years now, trialling out new drugs and ideas as well as running paid medical trials like these to help to find out the best dosages and most effective treatments to use for a wide range of different illnesses.

Humans are no strangers to illness blighting us at certain points in history, and it is easy to forget that it was only recently that common viruses like measles and polio, problems for our parents and grandparents’ generations were more or less eradicated in most countries of the world.

Although in this day and age we have so many technological advances to help us, and science at our fingertips, many people are stopping to look back – back to the treatments that our ancestors used thousands of years ago – plants and natural remedies. There is a lot of research now being done into plants and fungi, and a lot of the modern medicines that we have do actually originate from certain plants – for example, a fantastic chemotherapy drug that helps to stop cancerous cells and tumours from being able to grow, comes from the needles of the Yew tree!

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Although, in cases like the Yew tree, as well as plants like deadly nightshade and foxgloves, which are both plants that help to cure congestive heart failure, as well as arrhythmia you should certainly not medicate yourself with these plants as it is essential that the correct dosage and treatment is given, so you should still be seeing your doctor for this, there are other plants that you can use to help you with various ailments in your day to day life…

Stinging Nettles – Yes these are often the bane of a woodland walk and how many times have we had to run off and find a dock leaf to soothe a sting from one of these (another natural remedy!) But these plants are hugely beneficial to health, from anti histamines which have long been made from parts of a nettle to current studies which have shown that the plant is looking like a promising way to combat Alzheimer’s disease by stopping the death of brain cells that leads to the disease worsening. In daily life you can enjoy nettles in a soup or stew – just remember to cook them first!

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Elder – This is a tree that has a wide range of medicinal properties that has been highly regarded as a treatment for many ailments for centuries. The flowers are not only beneficial to hay fever sufferers, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties, and the berries that arrive in the autumn have long been used as an immune system booster to help reduce the impact of winter bugs like colds and flu.

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