6 Tips To Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm

The use of social networks has evolved over time. At first they were not as established as they are today. Its development in society has led to the management of these platforms also evolve as time progresses. LinkedIn is a clear example of this advance given that it is changing from an online curriculum to a platform that looks more like Facebook every day.  In it, certain users make publications that are more personal than professional and this feature along with some other has led to this social network to establish a stricter algorithm in their publications. In this article we about how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and get the LinkedIn work for your publications.

For this reason, you will notice that your LinkedIn feed does not show everything that your network is publishing by default showing only the content that you think is relevant to you.

Next, we expose 6 tips to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and thus get the algorithm to work in your favor so that your publications are seen by as many people as possible.

Understand the type of content that LinkedIn craves

The sources of LinkedIn are quite clear about what they want to be the focus of their platform: the professional world. It aims to show users news, work publications, popular and timely content related to their career within the professional field. This type of content can be images, videos, and links to external web pages or text updates.

Any content that you publish must …

  • Be valuable to someone’s career (either as a business owner or as an employee).
  • Offer advice related to the growth of the business or a career.
  • Inspire someone in your work life.
  • Be relevant to the industry in which it operates
  • Come from a credible source.

Part of the LinkedIn algorithm is designed to find a relevance factor for the audience with which a publication is shared.

LinkedIn Algorithm

Create your audience strategically

Relevance, credibility, followers and connections play an important role in the LinkedIn algorithm. When executing a personal profile or a company page on LinkedIn, you must ensure …

  • Fill out your personal profile and the company’s page as complete as you can and always updated.
  • Add connections (people you know, or think it would be interesting to see the updates).
  • Encourage employees to indicate that they work in your company.
  • Follow others and attract followers (these are different from connections on LinkedIn).
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups or host yours.
  • Give and receive recommendations.
  • Make sure that your profile is public, so that more people can find it, add it and see their publications.
  • Join the conversations and be active in the network, in general.
  • Promote your LinkedIn profiles and the Company’s pages on your website and in other appropriate spaces (for example, employee biographies, business cards and brochures, email newsletters, email signatures, etc.). Custom URL settings are useful for this.

Always optimize the content

The content that you always post on LinkedIn must be optimized to always offer the highest quality. For this, we give you four very useful tips to produce the best content on LinkedIn …

  • Include word games.
  • It provides useful tips, especially related to your work sector.
  • Show statistics of your industry or company.
  • Always try to be brief and include a link, image or video.

Post at the right time

It is vital to publish in a schedule that we generally consider is the correct one to make our publication. Now, at what time exactly should we do it? A popular hypothesis is in “working hours” because LinkedIn is a professional network and most people work from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, some experts suggest that it is best to publish at 20:00 p.m. at which time people have finished their workday and can make decisions, even if they are at home. Regardless of this, nowadays more than 50% of the users of LinkedIn verify their accounts through mobile devices, which implies that they have as many possibilities of reaching people after working hours as they do during working hours.

What we are clear, is that we should never publish at 2:00 am for example, since most of the network is inactive and the publication can be for hours without receiving any “Like or Comments.”

LinkedIn Algorithm

Share the posts of other users, and they will probably share yours

Share the publications of others. Many users like you to share their publications to give credit in your network. This simple action will help significantly increase the scope of your profile. Also, if you want to be a LinkedIn Influencer, making friends on this platform is a good idea.

Promote your articles

When you write a publication, be sure to actively share it to improve personal connections that will benefit relationships with the other professionals in this network. For this, it is fundamental …

  • Use hashtags: They will make your publication detectable by other users looking for information on that topic.
  • Use common marketing and SEO tactics: Search engines, at one time or another, need to rely on factors such as keywords to determine what a URL is about. Therefore, it is essential to implement this tactic.
  • Ask for a follow-up: When you share your post, try adding a short sentence, with a clear benefit like Follow me for more information on this topic! It’s a simple way to have more followers and the more you have, the more people will see your future posts on your home page. Thus, your content will have more potential.
  • Share on external social networks: Use a platform such as HootSuite to distribute your article in multiple social network profiles, thus achieving greater traffic.
  • Share in LinkedIn groups: Take the opportunity to publish your articles in those groups when content is useful for group members. You will show the article to the group members that may not be your connections or first degree followers.
  • Allow comments on your articles and respond to them: Keep your audience engaged and let them know you are listening.
  • Use the LinkedIn analysis: Always use data and analysis to continuously improve the content and reach.

In the end, we expose 6 tips to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and thus get the algorithm to work in your favor so that your publications are seen by as many people as possible.

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