How subsidence can affect your building

The last thing you want to happen to your house is a case of subsidence. It is one of the most frustrating and worrying negative impacts on a property. It can cause no end of issues when selling a place or looking to buy one affected by it. Subsidence is more often than not discovered when a property survey is conducted. After a mortgage application is completed, the conveyancers cover the house purchase phase. This is a complex world to navigate, and  Conveyancing Solicitors like Sam Conveyancing can help with these matters.

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Subsidence is caused by sinkholes being formed below the foundations of the property. This causes walls to slip down into the earth dragging the property with it and giving a lopsided look. Sinkholes are just one of the reasons for it. Long spells of dry weather and drought see the ground shrink. This also drags the walls down. Cracks begin to appear in the property, and there is the risk of a collapse.

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Finally, tree roots and vegetation can also play a part. They work their way into the foundations of a property and cause it to crack. As the roots take hold, they begin to expand and make the situation worse so that a specialist team is required to fix it. Two of the most famous examples are the Leaning Tower of Piza and The Crooked House pub in Wolverhampton.

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