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What kind of advertising to choose? Types of advertising today

Types of advertising

Every successful entrepreneur knows how important competent advertising in the modern business, promotion of the brand, products, services. Even if you produce the best quality product on the market, there is no guarantee that it will be in demand unless there are different types of advertising. At the same time, a competitor that offers a less-quality product, but which untwists it, will receive...

5 Factors Of Effective Advertising On Facebook

Advertising On Facebook

In this article, we’ll look at 5 factors of effective advertising on Facebook. You know that millions of people use Facebook daily! That’s why the conversion rate of CTR increased from 0.5% to 0.9%. Advertising on Facebook has become more effective, but not for everyone: many target the audience by interests, demographic data, geography, create beautiful advertising models and write...

Contextual Advertising: The Way To Get To The First Page Of Search

Contextual Advertising

How to quickly bring the site to the first position in the search engines? This question is puzzled by the majority of managers of commercial sites, where the profit directly depends on the number of visitors. Of course, you can attract specialists to optimize sites, but the first results of their work at best will appear in a few weeks, and most likely – months. In the meantime, the site...

Direct Mail, Advertising in Mailboxes

Direct Mail

Effective coverage of the general public or a particular group of people through advertisements in the press or in Internet advertising is not always achievable or expedient. Site audit allows you to conduct analytical activities in all areas. Perhaps you need to set out a very long story, perhaps you know from experience that people respond better to coupons that qualify for a discount, and not...

Ecommerce Success In 2017: Strategies, Suggestions, And Solutions


These days, many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are thinking about what they can do to facilitate success in the ecommerce sector. If making your brand more successful online is important to you, know that operating strategically can increase your likelihood of attaining the results you want. With that idea in mind, consider implementing some or all of the following ecommerce strategies as...

How to Improve Your Ads on Google AdWords without Spending More!

Google AdWords

Obviously, there is no confusion that about bigger advertising campaign in Google AdWords is almost always better. So the question becomes: How can we make a bigger ads campaign and keep the same costs (or maybe even lower)? This is where extensions come into play! In this article, I’ll show you why they are important, and how to start incorporating them into your Google AdWords strategy...

Instant Articles and Advertising: Facebook Wins Three Times

Instant Articles

What Are Instant Articles? Instant Articles are the feature of Facebook created by a joint initiative between number of publishers, in particular newspapers (New York Times, National Geographic, Guardian, NBC, BBC, Atlantic and Buzz Feed), including the innovative newspaper in the second round. Why Instant Articles Are Born? Instant Articles formally emerge to meet the increasingly widespread...

Best Tricks for Mastering the Art of SEO

Local SEO

These days, everyone is aware that search engine optimization has the power of giving you a massive return on your investment. SEO has become essential for every website, blog and online nowadays, but the fact is that there is no magic formula to it. Those who believe that they can just master the art of SEO overnight are making a mistake. There are a myriad of aspects of search engine...

How To Advertise On The Internet? Mini Guide For Strong Businessmen

Advertise On The Internet

How to advertise on the Internet? Maybe I’ve talked about that before, but I like to repeat the concept. The Internet is the most democratic means of communication that the most enlightened minds have gently donated to us. How to advertise on the Internet? To support our companies and sell our products? How do you advertise on the internet? This is what is the real dilemma of all the...

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